Thursday, May 28, 2015


Yup, it's been a week already - I knew it would go by fast just like the other two munchkins.  We have enjoyed every single second of spending time with Jace. He is so snuggly, loves kisses, watching the shadows and listening to voices. He is also very calm mannered and seems relaxed 99% of the time. He absolutely hates his diaper changes, being woken up for food and having his toes pinched by his older brothers. His legs are constantly stretched out into the air and his long toes spread eagle. He has had two baths so far - one with mom and one with dad. He loves the water as long as a warm wash cloth is covering his body. We are following the "baby wise" book again and have gotten him onto a 3 hour schedule which is awesome! He eats and sleeps consistently ...
7:00am - 10:00am - 1:00pm - 4:00pm - 7:00pm - 10:00pm - 1:00am - 4:00am - 7:00am
Jace doesn't look like David nor does he look like myself which is what also happened with Luke. He has big bright eyes, long fingers and toes, skinny long feet, skinny long legs, 0 bum, small nose and big kissy lips. 
 Post bath time 
I love him and feel myself a little sad knowing this will be my last newborn - I am savoring every single moment I get the opportunity to spend with him. What a sweet little spirit. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015


We visited our house out in Hurricane to see the progress and were excited to see that the sheet rock was finished, the spakling was being started that day and the siding was in the process of being put up! Later that day I took the boys to Costco to grab a couple of items and share a yummy berry treat with them. For dinner that night we took the boys to the park to eat lots of yummy pizza and root beer! Both boys had a great time playing together, eating, playing in the volley ball sand and wandering the paths of the park.

This was the last photo taken of me pregnant.
After we bought our Pilot we decided it would be in our best interest to install a DVD player for the boys to watch sense it seems as if we are always on the road. On our way out to Hurricane we let them watch "Frozen" which is one of Cruz's favorite movies. Luke just likes the animals.

Park and Pizza 
7:00am rolled around the next morning without a call from the hospital which was weird to me sense we were called in with Cruz at 1:40am and 5:50am with Luke. I called and asked what the "wait" was. The kind lady on the phone asked for my name and hesitated for a few moments saying my chart wasn't pulled for an induction for today. She went to talk to the Labor and Delivery desk and came back saying that my chart said I had already delivered. David and I looked at each other and giggled a little and said ... nope .... we still haven't delivered. She sounded worried and a bit embarrassed and said Labor and Delivery would call us ... we waited a couple more hours and we called them back wondering again what was going on. The nurse said that it was pretty crazy there and the soonest they would be able to get me in would be around 5:00pm which is kind of sad because I purposely scheduled the induction for May 21st and I will most likely be having a May 22nd baby. Boo hoo, I know.
They ended up calling us in at 3:30pm. We arrived at 4:00pm where they quickly put in my Ivy, dealt with computer problems, started the pitocin and broke my water by 5:00pm. Doctor Lunt had a hard time breaking my water this time around, taking him 3 times to get it to go. Holy cow. Ouch. The pitocin started working quickly and I had the anesthesiologist come in around 8:00pm to give me an epidural before I was even dilated to a 5. I felt like it went well and I was still able to feel my toes and had some movement in my legs - he was the sweetest, kindest most genuine doctor I have ever met. He was patient and explained the process all the way through, he didn't act rushed nor annoyed when he had to keep stopping due to the contractions. He came in several times during my hospital stay to check in  to see how I was feeling and doing. My mom came around 10:30pm and I started pushing around 11:15pm. It didn't seem like I pushed for very long before I was presented with my new, tiny perfect baby boy at 11:32pm. He was perfect with lots of dark hair, bright alert eyes, long fingers and toes and plush lips. I love him. I loved the skin time I had with him and loved watching him take to the bottle so well. I loved seeing him recognize our voices which would calm his crying.

We made it up to our room, finished with instructions and medication at around 2:00am. The night was rough, painful and so stinking hot (I forgot about the weird hot flashes)! We woke up at 7:00am to shower, order breakfast and walk down to the nursery to grab our tiny little boy. He weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and was 20 inches long. We were able to spend several hours with him before we had visitors! Grandma Clay and Grandpa Clay came to visit - Grandma Talbot brought Cruz and Luke to meet Jace which was so adorable. They both picked something out for him - Luke picked out a yellow duck stuffed animal that he had a time giving up and Cruz gave him a Giraffe sticker that he put on the baby's hat. Both boys loved looking, kissing and touching him. Cruz told me that he was sooo cute and that we should take him home and that I could take care of Jace and he would take care of Luke. My mom let Cruz pick out a plant to bring to me which was super cute as well. Ashley stopped by with a gift for me which was so nice and held Jace - baby hungry as ever. Misty came by for a quick visit as well with her little girls. Jace is definitely a good sleeper so far - his feedings are every 4 hours instead of 2 like my other babies and he drinks 2 oz. easily (which is a ton for a newborn).
 Cruz was all about the baby and Luke was all about the baby only because Cruz was. He seemed a little bit worried about the whole situation.
 They loved touching his toes and giggled the entire time.

After everyone had left and it was just David, Jace and I and things started to calm down which was really nice to spend quiet time together. We had a big yummy dinner, played with Jace while he was awake and then sent him to the nursery for the night so we could have one good long nights rest. Around 2:00am the nurse came in saying that they couldn't get him to calm down and that he might have a stomach ache (probably from eating so much food) so they brought him in to me. I made the "shh" sound in his ear and he quickly fell right to sleep on my shoulder. I waited until his next feeding to send him back to the nursery and reluctantly gave the "ok" to give him a binky this one time. I was able to go back to sleep but woke early worried and missing him so called the nurse to bring him back around 7am. We ate a small breakfast, packed our things, finished paperwork and headed home around 10am. 

 David loved laying in the hospital bed snuggling the baby. He has got to be the best husband and companion any girl could dream of. He was so kind and patient when I was irritated or hurting, he helped me with anything I asked of him even the silly things like ordering my food or grabbing the 10th cup of grape juice. He was by my side through everything. I love this man.

The boys were so happy when we got home and so excited to see baby Jace. Both boys smothered me and the baby in hugs which I needed more than I thought. Cruz wanted to touch, talk and play with him and Luke just pointed screamed and gave him lots of wet slobbery kisses on his cheeks! Both boys are so excited to have another brother and excited at the thought of helping me with the feedings, diapers, clean up and swaddling. We are defiantly lucky to have 3 adorable, amazingly handsome, happy, healthy boys - seriously I feel that my family is complete and I cannot wait to experience what life has to offer us! I am thankful for the temple and all that It offers my family - for the opportunity that we have to be together for eternity. I am seriously one lucky girl.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was great this year - I had the morning to myself to get a few things done (finish packing hospital bags, wrapping gifts etc) and David made my favorite breakfast .... a slice of peanut butter toast and a glass of milk. He's got it easy and believe it or not it keeps me full until lunch (probably due to the amount of space I actually have to store food). David had the boys color me a card and write me a little love letter which was super adorable. Cruz tried to make hearts and "A"s on the card which made it all that better. David got me a kitchen aid which I've been meaning to re-buy for quite some time and he saved half of my grandma Empie's deer blanket from the house fire and had it made into a small throw blanket which was extremely thoughtful! 

We spent half of the day up in Browse which was a lot of fun - we went with my family and everyone brought a toy (four wheelers, razors etc) lunch, cake and gifts for birthday boys and mothers day! We rode up to the old ranger station that has been there forever and is now and has been abandoned for many many years. It was beautiful and secluded due to the road leading to the station! I remember coming here has a little girl and it was closed down then and it looks exactly the same now. There is a huge redwood tree behind the old station which is supposedly the only living California Redwood tree in Utah. It was planted by the old ranger station over 100 years ago. 

 The roads were pretty mean and washed out which gave me strong contractions but we made it back down to the picnic area okay - Luke even fell asleep on my shoulder which hasn't happened sense .... I don't even remember? When he was a baby maybe? That was the best mothers day present the entire day! I made a really yummy oreo chocolate cake which everyone enjoyed and then we headed back down to town. I was able to drive the Razor by myself for the first time which was a blast! We ended the night watching a few episodes on Netflix while I got a nice foot massage!

38 WEEKS + Life Update ..

I am so excited that we have been able to make it to 38 weeks! These last couple of weeks have been rough with back pain, strong contractions, house hunting, house building, getting into our busy season for our business and keeping the two boys under control ... but I see that light at the end of the tunnel! The baby is still moving constantly with little jabs here and hard kicks there ... he chooses some of the most sensitive areas to kick like my bruised ribs, my full bladder and the center of my belly button. I think he understands what we are doing and saying out here in the world because every time I call David over to feel the movement of the baby he instantly stops and won't move until David's hand is gone. He's what we call a peel. I met with my Doctor today and we have scheduled an induction date of May 21st (next Thursday) which is pretty exciting .. one.more.week!

House update -
We took a drive over to the Hurricane house to see the progress and I was pleasantly surprised! The foundation in the garage was been taken out and re-poured, the entire house has been Kilzed to help prevent any smoke smell from coming through, the new exterior doors have been hung, all the windows are in place, electrical, AC, plumbing and tubs are all in and the roof shingles are on! I know it has been 2 1/2 months but I feel like there hasn't been many snags in the progress of insurance, paper work and re-building! We are still on the hunt for another house here in St. George ... sort of. We signed on a new house yesterday through a private owner but the loan takes nearly 45+ days to close and we still need to remodel parts of the home. But it's good news to us!

 New cement flooring in the garage due to large crevices from the fire 
We may or may not have played on the swing at one of the houses that was for sale ...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy 33rd Birthday ..

David's 33rd birthday was spent in Salt Lake completing his weekend Guard. He drove Mary and Jared up to Salt Lake really late Saturday night (after there reception) and went to guard the next morning which was also his birthday! I snuck a big delicious Harmon's blueberry muffin and orange juice into a pastry bag for his breakfast that morning and hid it in the pilot along with a Mountain Dew and a slice of birthday cake! I felt so bad not being able to be there for his birthday but Mary and Jared took him to get Sushi for dinner and he was able to hang out with Adam & Amy for a few minutes! He didn't get home until late Monday night so we celebrated his birthday Tuesday evening with a couple of presents from the boys and I (power steering for his razor, basketball shorts, compression socks and a few other items). Afterward we left the boys with my mom and headed down to the movie Avengers 3D! The parking lot was packed when we pulled up but we were able to grab two tickets before it was sold out. I'm not usually into those "type" of movies but it was so good, I loved the humor and the 3D effect! I snuck in treats so we didn't have to buy them at the concessions stand which is super naughty but whatever .... we bought a huge Pepsi.

The next day we celebrated his birthday with his side of the family with a BBQ at his parents house! They had tons of left over food from Mary's wedding that we were able to enjoy finger foods as well. I made a chilled Raspberry Almond cake that turned out really good and he got some fun gifts from his family - pickle ball set, fire extinguisher a journal and tie tack. The cousins had a great time playing together and ended up running around the house screaming!