Saturday, July 16, 2016

lebaron :: beaver ut

our annual camping trip started a bit different this year. a little birdie told us that our extended family would also be camping on the same mountain and same campground as us and we also knew there wouldn't be enough campsites for everyone if the entire campground was empty so a few of us went up a couple days early and scouted out available spots. All of the campsites were taken except two of the worst sites and there wasn't enough for our intermediate family so we went down woodcutters (right new to the campground, tucked up in the trees) and found a really large open shaded area that we could all camp together. We pitched a few tents to make it look like the space was occupied. We stopped and looked at a truck that was saw on our way up that was for sale and took it for a quick test drive. We have been looking for quite some time to upgrade our truck to a larger size that would be able to pull easier for a while but we haven't been able to find one that we agree on in our price range. This one fit the bill and was in perfect condition, we both agreed so we bought it!

We went back up a few days later and we were happy to find that the site was untouched.
We spent out time swatting pesky flying bugs, hiding in the shade praying for a breeze, watching the kids play, crawdad hunting at Lower Res., taking trips down into town, spot lighting, four wheel rides, elf hunts, monster rocks, and trawberry hunting. This year was hard - the hardest camping trip we've done so far so we ended up skipping out a day early. David and I have decided that we want to try camping somewhere brand new in years to come but always coming back to Beaver in the fall when it's cooler, less people and the air is crisp.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

july fourth ::

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays hands down. I think the fire works are incredibly romantic (is that so weird?) and look forward to laying on a big quilt while the kids run around with glow sticks in the cool night air.
This year was no different. We woke up and ate a fun 4th of July inspired breakfast, went to the St. George parade down town, walked through the booths, played on the bounce houses and carnival rides, took the boys to the fire work stand to buy fire works with the hard earned money they had been earning, decorated their bikes for the family parade and went to Misty's house for our traditional 4th of July BBQ, small family parade and water slide! The kids had a great time riding there decorated mode of transportation with patriotic music playing in the back ground and throwing candy to the adults! We lit of some fire works at our house and then headed to watch the St. George City fire works! Luke tucked himself in the blankets and watched in amazement, Jace pointed at almost every firework that lit up the sky and squeaked and Cruz was beyond tired and hyper and ran around not noticing the fireworks.