Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The hunt for the tree ..

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas tree hunting - I love being out in the snowy mountains hiking but when you have small toddlers its hard especially when it takes you hours to find the "right" tree! Last year we opted into the idea of hunting for a tree every other year and on the off years we buy a "perfect" tree at a lot or Costco!  
We ended up going down to Jacobs Lake in Arizona because we had heard that they had TONS of great trees! We stopped and hiked, and hiked and hiked some more a had little success so we drove, stopped and hiked some more - Eric and Annie were the first to find a tree, then Mary .... maybe i'm just overly picky but I really don't like the "Charly Brown" trees where you can see through the 6 branches on the trunk! I like my trees big, round and bushy! So we drove, stopped and hiked out into the forest - it didn't take long from there ... we did something naughty. We topped a really really tall tree out in the middle of a really thick dense forest . . . . .
We ate turkey, cranberry sandwiches and headed to the lodge to grab ourselves some "famous" cookies! They were awesome (I ate 3 but couldn't taste a single bite due to my head cold) ... ha ha.

 Later in the week we chopped and pruned the tree and decorated it with the boys - Luke didn't participate but Cruz had a good time hanging the ornaments! We had a special dinner that consisted of snowman pancakes with chocolate chip eyes and buttons, marshmallow snow and bacon scarves!


This year Thanksgiving was celebrated and eaten at my house with David's family! It was my first time cooking and brining a turkey (which was a whopping 25 pounds), homemade pumpkin pie with a side of whipped cream - everything everyone brought turned out great!
I had to sneak away a few times to take power naps through out the day due to me having a really bad cold, pregnancy issues and my teeth hurt like the dickens because I had just gotten my permeant retainers put on the day before! Everyone seemed to have a good time through out the day and everyone was stuffed and was also able to take lots of yummy left overs home!

(Luke painted his first art project - he showed 0 enjoyment and it lasted a whole 2 minutes until he started to try and eat the brush instead)

That night Karen watched the boys while David and I ran to Wal-Mart to finish our Christmas shopping! I pre-ordered a few items the night before which helped quite a bit! I know David doesn't read our blog so I can write what I got him for Christmas :) If you know David you know he has ALWAYS talked about having an inflatable hot tub that he can have in our back yard, take camping, place in the middle of the desert or whatever his big heart wants ... I researched and found lots of gross, small, weird inflatable hot tubs and they were all quite spendy ... until the Wal-Mart black friday came out! They had a Coleman Inflatable hot tub with a filtration system and a digital key pad with great reviews for less than $300! He has NO idea because I've always been so crazy extremely against the whole idea. I also bought Cruz the world famous "train table" that he has been begging for sense Ace Hardware no longer has one set up in the front of the store. He was heart broken by the way Ace. Wal-Mart also had it on sale for $39 for the table and all the pieces - we are going to cut the legs off of the table and put swivel wheels on it so we can put it under his bed when he's not playing with it! He's going to seriously die when he walks out Christmas morning and see's what Santa brought him (the word "train table" was put into his santa letter 6+ time). At the store I bought board games for Ellie & Mason, Arts and Crafts sand, toy trucks, office chair and a few items that I cannot list due to certain readers ... We were in and out of there within an hour which was great because I was on the verge of passing out (I must not drink enough water or something while I"m pregnant because I end up pass out at Target and TJ MAXX) due to the heat and lack of food in my belly.

David and I have so much to be grateful for our in life - our wonderful, hard, exciting marriage, our two little boys, our home, our family & friends, our hobbies and of course our job that lets us BOTH stay at home to raise our boys together! Seriously, life is so incredibly amazing even with all the big and small hardships!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween ..

This Halloween I dressed Cruz as a Ohoompa Loohmpa (which I ended up sewing) and Luke was dressed as a Garden Gnome which was quite adorable. David and I were going to dress up but I really just didn't feel like it this year - maybe next year?

We went trick or treating at Grandma Clay's house where they scored big with yummy Annie Crackers, ate lots of pizza at Grandma Talbots house with all of the cousins and did the traditional fish pond! Prizes this year were awesome - big glow balls, crazy straws and fun glow sticks! We went trick or treating around my old neighborhood with most of the cousins before heading up to Foremaster Ridge! Last year the hill was empty and they houses were very generous in what they gave out but this year there were a few more trick or treaters and a lot more dark houses than normal! We started to trick or treat and then met up with Mary & Jared (cone heads), David's parents, Eric/Annie & the kids! It really was hard trick or treating with 4 little ones and 8 adults - never again! ha ha (no offensive to anyone). Cruz and I ran the streets of the ridge for another 30 minutes after we parted ways and had a GREAT time (we even ditched David and Luke)! It was so fun talking to him about the next scary house or what kind of treats he got from two houses before - the view of St. George was beautiful, the weather was a.m.a.z.i.n.g and I got to spend one on one time with a very excited, hyper, candy filled Oohmpa Loompa! We snuck some candy and shared it together through out the night and on the way home and even a little before bed.

I am so in love with my two little boys & am so happy to have these special memories with them :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cancun fail ...

Sometimes pillow talk goes something like this ...

Tia: So i've been thinking ...
David: Where do you want to go?
Tia: Well .. ya know I thought it might be nice ...
David: How much is it going to cost me?

David and I started playing with the idea of researching Cabo San Lucas so we jumped out of bed and started looking for hotels, airfare and things to do in Cabo. I was soo unimpressed with the amount of actual worth while things to do in and around Cabo. If i'm paying for for airfare, nice hotel and a car rental I want to do more than going to clubs to party, pay for over priced whale watching, jet skiing or sitting on an "ok" tourist packed beach. No thanks. David was still stuck on the idea of visiting Mexico so we looked into Playa Del Carmen and Cancun and I was much more impressed! We found a GREAT 5 star crazy awesome hotel beach resort on the military (another perk) website for $49 a night. Seriously check this place out - The Grand Mayan Riviera Maya .
We couldn't find babysitters so we bought 2 adult airplane tickets and 2 children tickets! We didn't know we were pregnant when we booked this awesome vacation nor did we think I would be very sick when the time came around! The month leading up to the trip I started dreading even thinking about packing or planning so I put it off until just a few days before our departure day! I have seriously been so sick with baby number three that I hate even getting out of bed to pee. We loaded up the car and headed to Vegas for our 1:40 flight - we thought we left with hours to spare but everything seemed to take longer and we missed the "checked bag time" by FIVE MINUTES! We couldn't get on the flight without checking our bags and so we "missed the flight". Seriously. 5 minutes. We paid for the earlier flight so we didn't have to try and deal with the 12:30am flight which we ended up getting stuck with! Ughhhh!!! I might have cried a little bit (a lot) while Cruz and Luke climbed over things they weren't supposed to while throwing tantrums when the airline employees scolded them because of the lack of naps. I headed to the USO where we ate lunch tried to get the boys to sleep (which didn't happen) and hung out until about 8:00pm. The boys were literally crying and screaming (due to 0 sleep and past bedtime) and I didn't know how I was going to last 4 more hours until our flight departed. Our flight would have landed in Houston at around 4:30am and our connecting flight didn't leave until 9:00am to Cancun. Our kids have been trained to sleep in a dark quiet room so I knew the flight was going to be hell so I pulled David into the hall and cried telling him we weren't going. I was exhausted and so nauseated with a horrible headache and so sad that I couldn't do it. David was sad and really wanted to go but I knew I would be in the hotel room throwing up while David did his best to entertain them for the week.
We packed up our luggage & babies and headed back to St. George.
Epic fail. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Baby number 3

September 21st -   4 weeks
September was the last month that David and I could "try" for baby number 3 because I didn't want to have a baby while David was away on the Qatar deployment next summer. We went back and forth deciding if it was the right thing to do because I would have the baby days before he left on his deployment but felt right about trying one more month. Getting pregnant for David and I has been a piece of cake, all he really has to do is walk by me and boom i'm pregnant but not this time. We started trying in March and every month that passed by became more and more frustrating and made me wonder if something had changed in my body. The first part of September I started feeling a small child's presence in our bedroom at night and I didn't know why but it gave me hope that there was a little one waiting to join our family. Today I'm 2 days late and figured I would secretly try ANOTHER pregnancy test as soon as we got home from camping - the test results came out positive ... I was pregnant! I couldn't hold back the emotions I was feeling and thanked my heavenly father for trusting another little child into our family - we are truly blessed. I haven't been feeling nauseas like the first two times around, tiny bit of tenderness, everything feels ... normal.

October 6th -  7 weeks
The smells - UGH they are everywhere I go and they are all so awful! Needless to say I'm sick - not throw up sick but constantly nauseated all through out the day and even in the middle of the night! Everything seems to be a trigger - Driving, fast food signs, food commercials, spices, bread/yeast, meats and talking or thinking about food - seriously I'm dying writing this update. Ugh! Apples, Cheddar Cheese and anything super spicy is what keeps me alive!
If I don't have a little food on my stomach the nausea is 10x worse so I feel like i'm constantly snacking quickly gaining the unwanted pounds! Things I do eat are - corn nuts, PB&J sandwiches, grape juice, cheerios (sometimes) and spicy doritos, apples, oatmeal, energy oatmeal bites & ... that's it.

October 30th - 10 weeks
I went in for my first official doctors appointment to confirm that I was indeed pregnant....
I was indeed pregnant! I asked David not to come because I was peeing in a cup and getting the news "yup, your pregnant" and being told to take my multivitamin, drink plenty of water and to take those constipation pills they always try to prescribe to me. I should have had him tag along on this one ...
she announced it was time to hear the babies heart beat but couldn't seem to find it anywhere in my belly. She searched for a good 5 minutes and whispered to the nurse standing behind her .... go get the ultrasound machine... what? what does that mean? .... was it dead? The nurse left the room and quickly came back with a compact ultra sound machine and as she was setting it up they found the heart beat! Woooh! 166 beautiful beats per minute :) The doctor said they would still take a quick peek which was awesome! The view was of the babies face, tummy, heart and knees and looked exactly like a little teddy graham! I was able to see the babies heart beating which was really cool and the baby was very active at the time swinging his arms and kicking "His" legs! ("His" because I hate calling the baby a "it") Pregnancy this time around is just like the others nausea, sickness through out the day, lots of burping, cramps, sensitivity to any thing food related, tiredness, lack of motivation and a whole list of other things you don't care to hear about. I do have a crazy rash up my back, bum and arms which is different that could be related to a kidney problem (I have blood tests this week) which is odd. I'm starting to show (fat not baby :P)