Sunday, May 8, 2016

mothers day ::

Mother's Day this year was spent at home with my family! Cruz drew me a family portrait that he gave to me right when I woke up which was so stinking adorable! David took the boys out on a hike for a couple of hours to give me some much needed alone time! I spent the entire time planning my trip to Peru, drinking hot chocolate and listening to silence. It was wonderful!

They picked a beautiful yellow flower bouquet and a handful of green/brown glass for me. They were so excited. Cute little boys.

Cruz sang 2 songs during sacrament meeting with the primary and gosh was he cute! He is so little that he was lost in the crowd of bigger kids but finally made his way to the edge and all I could see were his two little eyes crinkled in a smile. He stared at me the entire time as if to say "mom look at me - I'm singing you these songs because I love you"! He was so proud when he came to sit back down and asked "You love me extra on Mothers Day, huh?". He longs for my love and attention daily which I wish I was better at giving. At the end of sacrament meeting I got a bar of chocolate and then we headed home because all of the kids were in desperate need of a nap. One o'clock church has got to be the worst time for us - all of the boys nap at 12:00 so by the time we get there they are all ready cranky and irritable. sigh.

David and I spent a few hours together watching a documentary on comics. boring. but it was alright because we had quiet mom and dad time. I've been wanting to read "All that was promised" which he got me and a projector so we can watch movies outside this summer and invite all the neighborhood kids over for! I am one happy girl.

We spent the evening at my mom's house eating burritos, cake and exchanging gifts between us girls! It felt like Christmas - I got new shoes, popcorn, cookies and face cream! We celebrated a belated birthday for Wyatt and David and I made two different cakes. One was good, the other not so much.

David took a big bubbly bath with the boys so I could clean up the house and blog, Catan, Guitar Hero and sleep! It was a wonderful wonderful wonderful Mothers Day and I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who helps out to make mother hood so much easier! I also love Mothers Day because I get to tell my mom how much she means to me - all the hard work she put into raising us, making memories and the loves she showed for each one of us. She simply is a role model.

iron man::

I wasn't able to watch Cruz run his first race last year at the Iron Man Kids Race but was able to watch Cruz AND Luke run the race! We were there right on time to check in to get the shirts and bibs but it was pouring rain and super windy so we sat in the car until 20 minutes before the race! The rain stopped right in time and the temperature warmed up enough to shed the jackets! Cruz was so excited to be able to run the race with most of his cousins especially Hayden! I watched from the half way point to take pictures and cheer them on! There were soo many kids that I wasn't able to see most of them but cheered anyways hoping they would think I was cheering for them! I did however see Ivy and Luke running close together! My mom ran along side Luke so he didn't get lost in the crowd and he ran the entire way! At the end of the race they both got there metals (which weighed more then them) and a small bottle of water! Cruz was sorely disappointed that they didn't hand out popsicles like the previous year so on the way home we stopped by Arctic Circle and I let them pick out any flavor of shake that they wanted! (they were only allowed to eat 1/4 of it but still). I think they both had a good time!

Friday, May 6, 2016

graduation party ::

Cruz participated in the at home preschool program through our ward! He loved switching to the different houses every week and seeing some of his friends! We had the graduation party at my house and they all had a great time! We played beanboozeled (some thought this was fun other not so much), watched Cinderella (sorry Cruz!) ate lots of popcorn, made our graduation certificates and made a fun craft for the mom's for Mothers Day! Cruz sure will miss seeing these cute little girls every week ... even if they talked about cute hair bows, lipgloss and constantly asked him if he liked there shoes/new dress. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

34 years and counting ::

David's birthday snuck up on me this year - and it was one of those years that you have NO idea what to get that person! We were laying in bed a few days before his birthday and I asked - how old will you be? He explained that he would be 34 years old! Guys, that's old. I felt my chest tighten and I started to panic a little bit because of his growing age. Silly, I know.

I love this guy - heavenly father must have picked him out special for me, for my personality and my desires in life. We balance each other out - he has a fun happy personality and I am more serious and he brings laughter into my days. I know without a doubt that he would do anything for me - late night sun chip runs to the gas station, leaving me notes while i'm away, bringing me a glass of water and my iron/vitamon pills e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e day so I won't forget, ditches his friends because he knows I need to cuddle and even listens to my constant vacation ideas and plays into them most of the time. He gets up in the night 9/10 times if the kids cry or need anything so I can sleep, changes more diapers then I do, works out with me and makes me laugh the entire way through the video and reads to the boys almost every day. I could fill my entire blog page up with everything he does for me and for our boys but I won't. He is quite amazing and I am so incredibly thankful to call him mine.

For his birthday I made hashbrowns, eggs and bacon as per his request! He had to work all day so I decorated the dining room in "super hero" theme, made him Mountain Dew cupcakes, home made nachos for lunch and presents! I have been hiding away his race shirts that became to small, stretched out or grease stains so I could make him a quilt! I finally had enough shirts so I had a quilt made up for him! ... those are expensive - holy moly! Anyways .. Cruz raised money to buy him some mountain dew and made him a card and Luke got him york peppermint patties! Super simple this year.

He came home for lunch and we ate nachos (he loves them), ate cupcakes and I let him open one of his gifts which was the blanket. He loved it!

That night my mom watched the boys so David and I could go out on a date. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and ordered a slice of Chocolate Cake before dinner (like always) and it was delicious! Afterward we went and played in the Razor for a few hours! David was driving pretty fast and crazy so I asked to get out and let him drive alone for as long as he wanted! I walked around the desert and it was incredibly peaceful! The flowers were in full bloom, the birds were chirping and I didn't hear a single crying baby - heaven! I drove half of the time and seriously had a great time!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

11 months ::

Loves toys that he can spin (wheels on hot trucks)
toys that make lots of noise, buttons and sing
his learning dog that talks to him
cups, hot wheels and chewy toys.

loves using his pointer finger to touch small
pieces of dust on the ground, pushing buttons on his toys
or poking my eyes 

still chews on his index finger
loves picking pieces up and putting them into his mouth
and has finally learned to "release" the food

has learned how to spit food out that he doesn't like
and hates getting told no

has learned to get onto his bum to sit
still scoots on his belly around the house
and stops to plank quite often

loves raspberries, strawberries, applesauce
cereal in milk, yogurt, carrots, broccoli and chocolate
doesn't like green beans, avocados or peas

loves bath time, sneaking outback to play with his brothers
absolutely loves Luke, being tickled, hung upside down
and checking himself out in the mirror.

loves sitting in the front of the cart, exploring brothers rooms
and demolishing any cool thing his brothers might be building 
(train tracks, puzzles etc)

loves sitting on David's shoulders, four wheel rides, being outside
sitting in the sandbox with his brothers, and splashing in water

doesn't care to stand at any time, refuses to take a step with help
won't try and pull himself up to furniture.

loves holding his own bottle, playing with the nipple
and one handing it while swinging it around

takes 2 naps daily and sleeps through the night 7:30pm-7am
wears size 4 diapers
loves peek-a-boo with his blanket

 can always tell when I'm eating a treat
he'll open his mouth over mine and try to 
stick his tongue in to taste