Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy 3

We started Cruz's big day out with his favorite food of all times - Mini Wheats & milk then headed to the Peach Day's Parade where he sat on his "dance float" and rode through the parade swaying his shoulders to the music and waving to the crowd! David and I had our own float promoting the Starving Student Card while towing the Hurricane High School band and choir kids! We then headed home and started making Cruz's birthday cake (which he helped with) and hung out with Mary & Jared all afternoon! Mary played the "spider" present game with Cruz which he got a kick out of! He followed the spider string to the next present - so on. 

For dinner that night we headed back down to Peach Days where we ate lots of really yummy food! The 17th Ward was serving HUGE Navajo Tacos and right next door were chicken tamales! We were all stuffed by the end and walked around the booths with the "Clays"! I have been wanting to expand out food storage and found a great booth with great products and information! It's actual food that I would rotate into our daily meal schedules and it was all really delicious! It's called Thrive Food Storage and the shelf life on most cans are 25+ years! 

I asked him over a month ago what he wanted his birthday to be themed after and he said Curious George or Elmo! We chose Curious George because he's just so darn cute. We told him that his birthday was Saturday August 30th instead of Sunday August 31st (shhh) so we could have his birthday on Saturday! I wanted to do lots of water games in our back yard but it's nowhere ready for water games so we played pin the banana on the George and coloring pages instead! We had Curious George up on the big screen so all the little kids could watch! We had a big banana split bar and of course a big chocolate cake - a birthday wouldn't be complete without cake right? He got his own slice of cake & ice cream which he loved and he got SO many presents! His favorite presents of all was the big wooden train from Grandma T. , car rug from dad, chuggington DVD's from Luke, Jeep pulling a back hoe and trailer from me, books & puzzles from Hayden & Ivy & fake food from Grandma C! 
I love this little boy more than I ever imagined possible

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

bits & pieces of July

We have been spending a lot of time at the park this last month! The weather has finally started to cool down and the boys have been bored out of there minds without a grassy backyard that they can explore! I think Luke enjoyed it more than Cruz did - he climbed the stairs played with the activity centers and attempted to slide down the slide unattended! 

 This is Luke & this is what he looks like 97% of the time - screaming. Mostly happy screams but screaming non the less. Cruz always laughs hysterically which makes Luke do it more. Ugh. My ears have been aching the past couple weeks.
 We took Cruz to see the Blue Angels while they were in town - we showed up around 9:00am thinking we would walk around the stationary helicopters and airplanes, find a place to sit and watch the show! We were wrong. It was SO hot on the black asphalt without a piece of shade anywhere! We were all dripping sweat within the first 30 minutes and they boys were getting cranky.

 Cruz and I found a slice of shade heaven next to a model car - a police officer came by to see if we were okay and admitted to us that the show wasn't actually starting until 3:00pm. THREE O' CLOCK! It was a little past 10:00am so we made the decision and called it a day.

 Around 2:00pm we headed out behind the airport in the Samuri with Eric & Annie and had the best show of all! The Blue Angels flew right over our heads - the wind was amazing and Cruz had some cousins to play with!
 Exploring Hurricane - Cruz found a hiking stick that motivates him to go out and hike with us without much complaining!

 Another spontaneous Hurricane adventure we went on was this month was down to the Virgin River in the Samurai! We didn't intend to swim but some how both boys were naked within minutes and were throwing mud at each other.

Salt Lake City in July

Cruz and I had some one on one time while we were up in Salt Lake for Guard! I took him to the Children's Museum at the Gateway Mall! He was in Heaven for the 2 hours that we were there - he loved everything from the colorful stairs, arm band, kids and activity centers! 
The first stop was the construction site where he could dress up, build with soft rocks and bricks, use a crane to move the rocks around and play with the dump trucks! This was his favorite spot of all.
The next stop was the kitchen, living room and reading area - he found a train book which I finally had to take away from him and he vacuumed the entire living space.
He drove the fire truck in this cute fireman suit
This was his second favorite activity area - we spend the majority of our time playing with the water!

He went shopping and guess what the first thing was that he put into the cart? Vegetables. I heard him telling the other kids that Vegetables give you energy and make you healthy. He moved onto the fruit, bread and milk next. 

On the roof they had a life size helicopter that he was able to explore and pretend fly.
Karen graciously watched both boys while David and I went up to Salt Lake for the night! We walked around Gateway mall and came across a big candy store! I promised Cruz a sucker so we went on hunt for a tasty SMALL sucker and came across Irn Bru which I was told you could only get in Scotland! We bought a few bottles and brought them back for Trenton and my mom.
 Later that night we went to go visit our dear friend George at Primary Children's Hospital. They just found that he has a Wilms Tumor that is taking up 80% of his torso. He's a strong, brave little boy that deserved some Legos & a big soft shark!
 On our way back down to Grandma Clay's house I check KSL one more time for a good deal on a camp trailer and found one 20 miles back up north! We flipped around and bought it for a whopping $1,000! It is in very good condition and has only been used a handful of times by a single older gentleman - he obviously didn't do his research when posting his ad :)

 The next day we took the boys up the Springville Canyon for a hike! It was very green, perfect weather and the boys loved running around and exploring!

 The next afternoon Karen watched the two munchincs once again while David took me to 7 peaks water park (which was my first time to a watermark)! We ate a quick bite at the concessions stand (which was awful) and took off to find our water tubes! See the yellow slide in the background? That's the first one we went on - bad idea! I didn't realize how steep it was until I was free falling with my swimsuit squished up my bum and screaming! It was scary to say the least. We then found a few calmer slides that we could go down together which was a lot of fun! The orange slide behind our heads was also very scary - I guess I wouldn't really know sense David conceded it alone :) The pink slide was the worst slide of all - David didn't tell me that I needed to keep my bum up out of the water when we hit the water at the bottom .... needless to say I ran to the bathroom in pain. It was an interesting day but I'm so thankful I was able to experience it with my handsome husband!
 After the water park we headed to the Annule Salmon Festival - they fly the fresh caught salmon from Alaska that very day and have a police escort to the park where the fireman cook them up and serve them to thousands of people! We go every single year and wouldn't miss it for anything! It's $15 per plate but you get a HUGE slab of salmon, roll, coleslaw, baked potato, cookie or cupcake and a drink!
 Later that night David, Cruz and I drove back up to Salt Lake to spend the night at Mary's house. We took Cruz to a Open house party for plural sight - they had motorcycles doing tricks all night and we even caught Cruz dancing to the music for the crowd! He is such an adorable little boy ..