Monday, August 31, 2015

Cruz is 4. Happy Birthday!

My baby boy is 4 years old! FOUR YEARS OLD! Sometimes I have to remind myself that he isn't six years old because he is so dang smart and has conversations with me that most adults have with one another. It's crazy. I asked him what he wanted the theme for his birthday to be and he chose Trains and Lightning McQueen - but ended up chose trains! The night before I decorated his bedroom door with balloons and made the the traditional sprinkle pancakes with home made whipped cream!

I decided to have his birthday party mid morning because I knew it was going to be 106 that day and I didn't want everyone melting. The party started at 10:00am and Cruz couldn't have been any more excited. He helped us decorate for his party which made it even more exciting! David's mom and sister Mary came over the night before to help make decorations and frost cupcakes! I am SO grateful for them because I didn't realize what i'd gotten myself into with the "punch piñata" and railroad signs! 

For his party they painted a wooden train that could be played with afterward, ate yummy train cupcakes, played on the new swings in our back yard and took turns doing the punch piñata! It's nice to hear "this is the best birthday party EVER" from a couple of the kids! I was able to find cheap train hats for the party favors on Amazon! 

When Cruz greeted his friends and cousin at the door he ran up to them like he was going to give them a big happy hug but would grab the present instead and would say thanksss and then walk away.

Later that night we celebrated with Grandma's and Grandpas! We ate pizza, ice cream and opened presents! I made a 4 train cake which was really yummy and Cruz loved that a brand new train was sitting on the tracks of the cake! I told Cruz that he couldn't turn 4 because then he wouldn't be my little boy anymore .. he assured me that if I let him turn 4 that I would be his little boy and even after he turned 5 I would be his little boy. I'm okay with that. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015


After living with my mom for the last couple of months i've come to the conclusion that she doesn't really NEED anything more for her birthday so I thought making memories would be better! We got all the girls together (Rachelle, Misty, Ashley, Mom & I) and headed down to Vegas for the day without babies in tow (thanks husbands for stepping up and taking the kiddos for the day!). We left town around 9:30am and arrived in vegas right when the shopping mall opened for the day! We hit the outdoor outlet mall (the one you always see as you are driving through Vegas). We shopped until lunch where we waited in line for 45 minutes for a table - but it was well worth the wait! Monta Ramen House was very good, fairly good priced, local owners and a tiny restaurant!

 After lunch we headed to the International Food Store that carried tons of food from all over the world! We all picked out fun snacks to take home to the kiddos (Ramune Soda and bear chocolate cookies) and for us to eat ourselves through out the day!
 We then headed to the Belagio Garden to see what scene they currently had set up! This time around it was an under water scene which was beautiful! There were water fountains shooting, moving jelly fish, a flower and sea shell mermaid, a huge treasure chest, flower turtles and lots of other things!

 Who does she think she is ... photo bombing our photo!
 After the Beliagio we walked down the strip to Cesears Palace to do some shopping at Sephora  and H&M! We all spent a little too much money and time there! After some shopping we went up to the cheesecake factory to share a couple slices of cheesecake! I got the white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake - the tuxedo cheesecake and a salted caramel cheesecake! Yum!

 After the cheesecake we walked back down the strip to watch the water show and to people watch. Vegas people are n.a.s.t.y.

 We then headed down the strip to ROSS to do some more shopping and then over to SHAKE SHACK for some dinner! We all started getting a little silly because we were all exhausted from the day and it was way past ALL of our bed times (remember we're moms with little babies). On our way out of town we were able to see the volcano show which was really fun! Thank you mom for being so amazing and spending the entire day with us crazy girls!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Derby + Fair

We took Cruz and Luke to the Demolition Derby for the first time this year! I didn't tell them that we were going to the Derby (just the fair) and they were so excited when they started watching the show from the stands! The motors were loud which made them scream and point - they both thought it was so cool to see the cars ram into each other, see the flames burst and watch the cars drive around the arena. David went and bought "fair food" which the boys loved even more - Navajo Tacos, Pizza and lots of water! 

We left the Derby after about an hour so we could hit the fair before it got to busy! Cruz was so excited that he was jumping all over the place - I've never seen him look forward to something so much! Luke was just along for the ride .. We let both of the boys choose 2 rides each and the first one Cruz wanted to go on was the one he was scared of the year before! Luke wasn't able to go on most of the rides because he was to short this year. The second ride both of the boys were able to ride together which was good sense it was Luke's first carnival ride. Cruz chose to go down the enormous slide and promised that he wouldn't chicken out! He loved it! Luke went on the train ride alone while snuggling his stuffed fish that a random person give to him while we were walking around! Both boys wanted to ride more rides but it was well past there bedtimes and Luke was getting a bit cranky. When we got home Cruz begged that I let him leave his arm bracelet on forever and ever ... I obviously agreed when he batted those beautiful brown eyes. Cruz is so excited for what next years carnival has in store ...