Saturday, June 20, 2015

luke is 2!

Luke birthday was celebrated one day late this year (but he didn't know) so we could have everyone over for pizza, dessert and water games! We started the day off with him waking up to a balloon covered door. He was really shy at first, not wanting to come out of his room but finally he barreled out of his room and then preceded to go back and fourth with Cruz. I made him sprinkle pancakes and bananas (he ate six pancakes by the way) for breakfast and then let him help decorate for his party! We invited all of the cousins over and a neighbor friend for his party! He loved every part of his party from the 5 slices of pizza he ate, the slice of cake, cupcakes, candy, watermelon, water games, balls, balloons, piƱata and screaming splashing cousins! David and I got him a Tricycle and he was so excited - he always tries to ride Cruz's but his legs aren't long enough! He got so many new toys - trucks, razor toy, book, cars, balls and bath toys! By the end of the party he acted slightly dazed from all the food and the fast paced afternoon!

 I feel like Luke has been around for a lot longer then 2 years which is crazy - we love his little stubborn, happy personality - he is truly my sunshine. 

A little about Luke -

Loves - Sucking on his fingers to fall asleep and playing with his blanket in his fingers (we finally took away his "baby blanket"). Airplanes, animals, books, pillow smash with David, hide and seek, jumping off furniture, pretend food, walks, tricycle, balls, shutting doors, running away from us, drinking dirty bath water, feeding the dogs one piece of dog food at a time, throwing toys down the stairs, waving, candy, cartoons, trucks, sand table, water, swings, swimming, bath time, razor rides with dad, growling and talking about dinosaurs before bed, dancing to music, running and jumping into my arms, Rollie Polies, food, being chased, dumping water out of the tub, shoes, hats, watching race videos with David, sneaking table food to the dogs, wiping his dirty fingers on the sliding glass door, did I say food yet? He loves food. 

Favorite food - broccoli, chicken nuggets, fruit, candy, cheetos, dried fruit, crackers ... seriously everything. The only thing he doesn't like is asparagus, potatoes, salad and some chicken meals.

Luke is still not wanting to talk and communicates by pointing and grunting his vocabulary includes
Momma, dada, ball, wawa(water), die die (bye bye), makes all animal noises, nut, food, ease (please), banana (nana),  Yum (nummm), grandma (naaaanaaa), down, andy (candy). Still pats the bed next to him and wants me to lay down and snuggle him (which I do). Kisses and hugs Cruz when he's done something naught, kisses the wall (which is time out), sleeps in a toddler bed, is not yet potty trained but has used the potty a few times, weighs more than Cruz and almost the same height, yells mama or dadooo in the morning, is constantly asking for food, gives the best grumpy glares, loves saying nu uh (no) and gives the best kisses, drinks almond milk and is mostly dairy free, and is always wanting to read books.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

One month.

My newborn is no longer a newborn. That chapter of my life has come and gone so quickly. I am savoring every moment with Jace knowing this is my last. Oh my, I love this little boy and am so incredibly thankful to be able to raise another little one.

He loves looking at faces, shadows on the wall, black and white baby books, the sound of the rattle, fans and loves being outside staring at objects.
Jace has taken after his brothers and loves to eat more food than I think is healthy for a baby so tiny.

His eating schedule - 5oz. per feeding.
7:30am - 11am - 2:30pm - 6:00pm - 9:30pm - 2:30am - 7:30am

We are following the Baby Wise book for the third time and I feel it's working once again. We put him down to bed once he starts showing signs of sleepiness and is still fully awake - he cries for 2-5 minutes and goes to sleep. We are still having to wake him for some of his feedings but he's starting to get the hang of things. His fussy time is in the evening. Jace is a hard baby to burp, he hates his diaper changes, clothes being switched and baths if they aren't deep enough. He falls asleep instantly if I rub his hair or cheeks and pulls away or opens his mouth when I give him kisses. Smiles while he's falling asleep, stretches out his legs and flares his toes when he's awake and content. His leg quivers when he stretches which is hilarious, grown out of NB clothing and is now wearing 0-3 months. Holds my fingers while he drinks his milk and holds his hands over his heart. He loves hearing his brothers voices and I believe he recognizes there happy and mad screams. Cruz and Luke both love him and are accepting him really well. It doesn't seem like there are any hard feelings or resentment. They love kissing him, holding the bottle and touching his little fingers and hair. 

Jace is such a snuggly, happy, peaceful baby - he's simple and I like that. He still doesn't look like either brother, he has long toes and fingers, skinny hips, no bum, lots of hair and big bright eyes. His loose skin is still being filled in with fat, he picks up his head when being burped but hates tummy time on the floor - pushing his little legs and crying.

I am so excited to share our adventures, trials, happy and growing moments with him. I'm so excited to have three boys around the same age that they can get into lots of mischief together, travel companions, scouting, camping buddies, reckless, active, messy, muddy stinky best of friends.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

summer swim lessons - part 1

I put Cruz into swim lessons with Jocelyn and Ivy which was a lot of fun. They were in the higher class but they were still able to see each other and get each other excited about going! Cruz was in a class with three other little boys just as hyper as he was! The two girl teachers were incredibly patient with the non listening, screaming hyper splashing little boys. While Cruz was in his class I took Luke over to the kiddy part of the pool and let him "swim" for an hour each day as we waited for Cruz to finish his class. Luke loved going to the pool - loved going down the slide, crawling on his belly, waving to Cruz, playing ball with Miley and splashing! He is seriously one brave little boy in the water never letting almost drowning scare him.


May has been good to us this year - we have the opportunity to live with my mom which was been an adventure all in it's self! The kids loving living at Grandmas house and playing with her every day! Cruz and Luke run out of the house after breakfast every day to see if the black berries are ripe enough to eat, check on the apricots, plums and chicken eggs! 

 Another plus of living at Grandmas house is seeing the cousins more often then not! Hayden and Paisley are over 1-2 times a week usually playing outside in the sand box that David built or in the swimming pool!

 We fill up this tin can with left over fruits and vegetables from leftovers and dinner prep - Cruz and Luke will take it out to the Rabbits and feed it to them!

 I let Cruz climb up the latter with me to check on the apricots - he didn't believe me that they weren't quite ready so I let him pick a couple to put in his bucket to eat once we got down to the ground. He took one bite and side "oh mom these aren't ready yet".

 Grandma T. has a fire pit that we were able to roast marshmallows on and make smores one evening. The boys got there own "marshmallow and crackers" which they savored!

 David and my mom went to Mexico for a couple of days and left me home with three little boys - wow - what an adjustment! While they were gone the weather got really nice and we sat outside on the porch and watched the lightening, played in the rain and hail and danced! The boys had a great time and would scream and run into my arms when it would thunder!

 When David got home from Mexico he pulled out the kids gifts - he got them capes which were a little to big for them and they had a hard time seeing out of them! They jumped up on the coffee table and jumped onto the couches wearing the capes.
 I have always wanted to try a fruit cleanse and I thought what a better time than after I was done being pregnant! I ran over to Harmon's and grabbed 3 boxes of the 3 day program! David and my mom did the cleanse with me and complained the entire time. I kid you not - I was watching T.V. with my mom and she saw a ice cream commercial and she went on to tell me how good it looked but they should had more chocolate and french fries etc. David just complained about being constantly hungry, headaches and slightly grumpy through out the process. It hit me on the 2nd day around lunch that I was hungry but went away around dinner which was great! I don't feel hungry I just miss the motion of chewing on something. Weird huh? In the end we each lost a total of 4-6 pounds.
Scott R. is renting us a container to ... contain all of our items that we are accumulating (tables, fridges, boxes of items etc) for free! He is amazing! One night we needed to take a load of stuff out so we picked the boys up out the sandbox and bought them with us. I didn't realize how dirty they actually were until they started playing the in dirt again. I have a feeling this is something I am just going to have to get use to. I have three of them.