Monday, October 20, 2014

Baby number 3

September 21st -   4 weeks
September was the last month that David and I could "try" for baby number 3 because I didn't want to have a baby while David was away on the Qatar deployment next summer. We went back and forth deciding if it was the right thing to do because I would have the baby days before he left on his deployment but felt right about trying one more month. Getting pregnant for David and I has been a piece of cake, all he really has to do is walk by me and boom i'm pregnant but not this time. We started trying in March and every month that passed by became more and more frustrating and made me wonder if something had changed in my body. The first part of September I started feeling a small child's presence in our bedroom at night and I didn't know why but it gave me hope that there was a little one waiting to join our family. Today I'm 2 days late and figured I would secretly try ANOTHER pregnancy test as soon as we got home from camping - the test results came out positive ... I was pregnant! I couldn't hold back the emotions I was feeling and thanked my heavenly father for trusting another little child into our family - we are truly blessed. I haven't been feeling nauseas like the first two times around, tiny bit of tenderness, everything feels ... normal.

October 6th -  7 weeks
The smells - UGH they are everywhere I go and they are all so awful! Needless to say I'm sick - not throw up sick but constantly nauseated all through out the day and even in the middle of the night! Everything seems to be a trigger - Driving, fast food signs, food commercials, spices, bread/yeast, meats and talking or thinking about food - seriously I'm dying writing this update. Ugh! Apples, Cheddar Cheese and anything super spicy is what keeps me alive!
If I don't have a little food on my stomach the nausea is 10x worse so I feel like i'm constantly snacking quickly gaining the unwanted pounds! Things I do eat are - corn nuts, PB&J sandwiches, grape juice, cheerios (sometimes) and spicy doritos, apples, oatmeal, energy oatmeal bites & ... that's it.

Witches & Ghosts -- OHH MY!

Witches Night Out was a lot of fun this year out at Stahlie Family Farm! We had Waffle Bliss food truck cater the event, we had yummy chips & dip, a witch parade through the farm, carving pumpkin contest and a corn maze full of prizes! It was slightly disorganized this year but all in all I think we had a great time!

There were so many local businesses that donated to the corn maze hunt which was amazing!

Wood Creations
Freddy's Frozen Custard
Orange Peel
Jamberry Nails
Lunatic Fringe
Roys Pizza & Pasta
Starving Student Card
Closet Revival
The Habit Grill
Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Lizzy Lane
A Touch Above
St. George Day Spa
Apollo Burger
Bella Donna Boutique
Brian Head Resort
& so many more!

Monday, October 13, 2014

four years

We started our anniversary weekend off by dropping the kiddos off at Grandma Clay's house Thursday evening to spend the night so we could sleep in the next day and get a fresh start to Moab for the weekend! We thought renting a movie, eating popcorn and ice cream sounded great ... until the concrete guy showed up. Long story short we recently had someone in our new ward lay a HUGE patio in our back yard because he said he did concrete for a living. It was horrible - beyond horrible. We ended up firing him as kindly as possible and decided to cut our losses and start over. We had another licensed great reviewed professional concrete team come over and bid out for us. We've decided to use him but have decided to rip the old (new), horrible concrete out ourselves and save quite a bit of money! So that's what we ended up doing instead of a quite movie. Trenton came out with his bobcat, sledgehammers (yes I did throw a few swings myself without making any sort of progress) and a big dump trailer. Trenton and David worked until about 9:30 (our neighbors wake early for work) and we got about 1/3 of the way through the thick cement!

The next morning we intended to sleep in until the early afternoon sense we didn't have little voices telling us "the sun is up" "come play with me" "I'm hungry!" David woke up at the break of dawn excited and ready to get up and get going ... ughh! Just one morning!! He owes me big time! We ate blueberry muffins on our bedroom floor out of the bakery box, packed up our car and headed to Moab! I slept most of the way which made the 6 hour drive more bearable! We were both pretty over the drive the second we jumped in the car - we have been driving a lot lately and the think six more hours in the car was disheartening. Ugh! We got to Moab and went into Arches National Park while we waiting for our room to become available! We hiked a few of the arches and explored a few slot canyons - it was busy but the weather was absolutely perfect! After spending a few hours exploring we headed to our room to unpack and relax for a few minutes! We ran to the store you grab a few supplies for the trail for the next day!

 The next morning David was up at around 5:00am saying we should go hot tubbing. Ha. Ugh. I was still sleeping so he went alone. He ended up jumping the fence to get into the hot tub which wasn't really hot because he was afraid to turn the bubbles on. Crazy Dave. Once he was done hot tubbing and showering we headed to Denny's for a big breakfast before hitting the trail! We picked up the XP 1,000 at about 8:30am and spent all day playing, exploring and admiring the beautiful rocks and scenery! I am not a huge fan of the desert scenery - but back in the canyons of Moab was absolutely stunning! The rock formations were insane - some of the rocks were rounded, some looked like massive ant hills, others looked like grand cathedrals and even goblin canyon type of formations! It was amazing! We drove out to chicken fingers and looked out over the Colorado River! David drove a little to fast sometimes and we didn't stop often enough to admire the canyons but the day couldn't have been any more perfect! Later in the evening we went to the Recreational Park to rock crawl a little bit - we didn't stay long due to me HATING rock crawling but we still had a good time!

My husband is the most generous, happy, silly, cuddly, manly husband out there. Seriously, he caters on me hand and foot every. single, day. I believe 4-5 times a week he will sit down and rub my feet, play with my hair and ears for at least an hour a day! He puts the boys in there carseats and takes them out of the car every single time. If I want flaming hot Doritos or grape juice from the store at 2:00am he's up and out of bed without a complaint! He'll wake up in the morning so I can get 10 more minute of sleep and start breakfast for us ... Seriously, I am beyond spoiled! Our two little ones don't know how great of a dad they've got yet! He loves C & L so much and loves making them giggle and loves sneaking them treats without me knowing. I feel the intense love as we kneel down to pray each night knowing I will be his and he'll be mine for all of eternity. He still does his best to open the car door for me, hold my hand and tell me i'm beautiful when I don't deserve it. I love the man that he is today and I hope to continue our adventures through this crazy life we have built for ourselves! I love you David

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Idaho & around ..

David and I had the opportunity this month to travel to Idaho to help put together the new SSC for BYU-Idaho! Things didn't really work out like we though once we arrived so we made the best out of it while we were there! David took us to Reed's Dairy in Idaho Falls to try the "famous milk" that is thickened with potato flakes! He's talked about this place our entire existence so I was excited to give it a try! We bought a glass half a gallon of Whole milk, chocolate & strawberry milk! The milk was amazing - the strawberry was the best I've ever had which is saying a lot because I know my strawberry milks (once upon a time I got a skin graft on the bottom row of my gums and I was only allowed to have pureed blender food. It was awful - my mom did her best and pureed my favorite dinners like navajo tacos and let me drink it out of a straw. My older sister Misty was attending SUU at the time and came down to visit and brought me a strawberry milk to try and help me feel better. Ever sense it's stuck. I love strawberry milk.) it wasn't very sweet - it was perfect! We also got grilled cheese sandwiches and 2 cups of ice cream! It was all very good and a fun experience!

One of the days we took a quick 3 hour drive to Yellowstone National Park so we could show Cruz Old Faithful! Once we got there Cruz had over 5 tantrums over silly things which definitely didn't help the now windy, snowy 38 degree hiking weather! I didn't bring coats for any of us because the weather didn't show any type of snow or rain! I looked like such a bad mom dragging my kids up the trails wearing shorts and a light jacket. We grabbed a Huckleberry and mouse tracks ice cream from the lodge (tradition) and watched the Old Faithful go off! Cruz and Luke seriously had 0 interest in it - rather the cold window they were pressing there faces up to. We saw a ton of bison, ducks, fishermen and old people!

There was a mall near our AIRBNB condo that had a Barnes & Noble - if you have a train fanatic you would know that all Barnes & Noble stores have a big train table in the kid book section. We hung out for a few hours to kill time one night before bedtime. We took the kids in the photo booth to document a "real" mall experience. The kids were so confused as why we were sitting in a teeny-tiny dark box with a big glowing screen. Ha. Cruz has been begging to let him ride one of the silly mall amusement rides sense he could talk and i've always said no - until this day.

 One day we went to the zoo in Idaho Falls which was a great hit for the little ones! The park was empty, the animals were bored and curious and we had a wagon to pull the boys around in! The park had lions, african cats, camels, zebras, kangaroos, monkeys, bears, alligators, lots of birds and other random animals! One of the workers pulled a baby goat out of the cage and let Cruz feed him small treats!

 Sooo i'm kind of weird ... I think windmill farms are so romantic and beautiful! I know they probably don't pay for themselves, I know they are taking up a lot of space blah blah blah but I find them so incredibly fascinating! We had a big farm on top of the hill over our condo so we took a drive while listening to an episode of Glen Beck!

 The Idaho Falls temple was beautiful and the boys love visiting temples! Cruz loves being told stories about anything church related - he seriously just soaks it up! We practiced being reverent, talked about moses and great grandma living with heavenly father!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

We could do it you know - run away & live in the woods ...

Our September camping trip is my favorite time of year to camp! The entire mountain is all ours, the leaves are changing, the weather is crisp and smore's seem to taste yummier! We were able to spend 4 days up on Laberan this past week with all of the cousins! 
David had a fun tradition that he wanted to implement into camping this year and for the years to follow and it goes something like this ... We sat all of the cousins down and told them a big, detailed exciting story about the tiny woodland elves that live in the forest and watch humans from the tree tops. They all have small squeaky voices just like the squirrels and the hop from tree to tree, stone to stone, log to log. When they bounce small bits of glitter fall from there tiny shoes and that's how you follow them to the magical elf tree! All of the kids soaked up the story and asked all day when we could go find the elf tree! I sprinkled glitter along a path way so they could follow the trail to the elf tree! It was fun making up the story as we went saying "ohh there is a lot of glitter on that stump they must have been dancing in the rain" or "they must have been using that small fallen tree as a bridge". 

They finally found the elf tree decorated in Keebler cookies at the end! The little ones were all so excited wondering how the little elves made the cookies, where they were, if we could go on another hunt etc.

We went on a few four wheeler rides which the boys absolutely loved. Luke would start to smile when David would drive really fast, naughty David! One day David took Cruz down to the tree where we carved our names when we first got married and shortly added Cruz's name and now adding Luke's name!
Cruz: Is my name up there?
David: Yup, we carved Cruz
Cruz: But my name is dad!

 We took one of the four wheel rides to the bottom of the damn and walked up to the lake for some lunch! Cruz loved throwing rocks into the lake while eating on the shore.

 My mom was able to come up for the day which was a wonderful surprise!

 On our last day on the mountain it began to rain, like pour all day and all night long! It was cold, wet and pouring rain so we went for a drive, watched a movie and took pictures of the beautiful rainbows!

 While David and I were dating we took "jumping" pictures off of these exact rocks - 4 years later.

One morning I had a great idea to build a fort for all of the kids to play in! We woke up and ate breakfast, loaded up the kids and headed out in the truck to find lots of wood! We found a big pile of perfect branches and logs and loaded up the back of the truck thinking it would be enough. We had to go back 4 times.  The kids loved playing in it together, it was sturdy and safe and kept the rain out the entire weekend! Trenton and David built most of the fort, Misty helped and the kids helped haul branches.

 One afternoon we drove down to a lower lake and went crawdad hunting with Cruz, Mckinley, Wyatt and Luke! It was a warm day and the kids had a great time picking up the crawdads and dumping them into the buckets! Trenton and David had way to much fun casting the bacon into the water and waiting for the big ones to bite! Ashely and I took turn watching babies and join in on the fun and i'm pretty sure Ashely caught the biggest one!

 Later that evening we went back to camp, cooked up the crawdads, dipped them in butter and ate them! The kids had fun trying to eat them with the adults!

One of the nights we all piled in the back of Kyle's truck with lots of blankets and went spot lighting! We saw lots and deer, elk + an elk with a HUGE rack! It was so cold but so much fun to see the star lit sky and to see the excitement from the kids being piled in the back of the truck! This year's camping trip was amazing!