Sunday, August 21, 2016

Preschool :: year 2

Cruz and I went to his Preschool Orientation the week before he started school. It was a short meeting but it got him so excited to attend Mary's Little Lamb, to learn and to play. This is Cruz's second year of preschool, not because he needs to years of preschool before he starts kindergarten, but because he hits the school dead line by one day. We have decided to hold all of our kids back one year because there birthdays are so close to the dead line. I don't want my boys to be the smallest in class, sports, the youngest, the one that can't drive, date, dances and has to wait a whole year after high school to go on a mission. Mary's Little Lamb is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cruz is incredibly bright and always has been. He can almost count to 100, knows most of his letters and sounds, has the vocabulary of a 10 year old, loves books, taking things apart and trying new things. He doesn't do well with sports but i'm sure he'll find something that he likes. He is incredibly silly, sensitive, patient and loves people.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Salt Lake :: August

I can't believe it. David only has three more weekends in Salt Lake for the Air National Guard! David had every intention of retiring from the Military (20 years) but we have made a hard decision together to get out early. There are so many reasons (they would all probably bore you) why it's good. David is now the main tracking system for Best in the Desert racing for all race vehicles which means he will be going to 5+ races a year which conflict with his guard dates that he can't get off. 

We booked rooms at the Holiday Inn near the Airport because it has a huge waterslide and kiddy swimming pool inside. David would have the vehicle during the day so we spent the extra money to have something entertain the boys while at the hotel. We checked in and they informed us the pool would be closed for the weekend. Really? I was mad. They tried to tell us they had sent us an email informing us of this change (lie) and tried to give us community pool passes which you would need to drive to (no car). 

We stopped at the Payson Salmon Festival on the way up to Salt Lake! The plates are massive and so delicious! The slab of fresh Alaskan salmon is the size of your head + a baked potato, corn on the cob, roll, water and cookies. We always show up 1 hour early and still stand in an hour line to get our food but it was totally worth it! Half way through dinner it started raining so we ran for cover under the bathroom awning. It poured the rest of the time and we were soaking by the time we got to our car. We stopped at the Payson Temple and walked around with the boys. Cruz loved seeing people in wedding dresses, Luke loved the flowers and Jace loved snuggling on the grass. We stopped by Leatherbee's for ice cream (which is so over rated), played at a couple of parks, rode the trax around Salt Lake, shopped at Trader Joes and City Creek Mall and watched airplanes fly above us. 

While I was packing up our hotel room to come home I flipped on the TV to find this weird cartoon for the boys to watch. Cruz instantly fell head over hills for this actress and told me that he loved her, wanted to marry her, loved her eyes and her piggy tails and kept telling Luke that she was "his girl".
Seriously. Taking trips to the bathroom is hard. It usually goes something like this -
I have to pee so bad I feel like I might die. I sneak my boys into the girls bathroom so I don't get a dirty look from that little old lady - shove all the boys into the tiny stall with me while hold Jace as I'm trying to unbutton my pants who's reaching for the toilet paper roll. I'm usually yelling at Luke to get off the floor and telling Cruz to shut the stall door. I barely get my pants down (thankfully) and Luke starts flushing the toilet so water is splashing up at me which scares Jace and Cruz wants to know what's in the little container attached to the wall while Jace is arching to get down onto the floor.  I finish and I fling Jace over my shoulder so I can quickly pull up my pants. I am always sweating by the time the toilet flushes for the last time. We walk out of the bathroom and both boys tell me they have to go soooo bad. I sneak them back into the bathroom, help each one of them onto the toilet while trying to hold Jace. Luke feels the need to take all of his clothes off when using public bathrooms (weird?) and I always find Cruz on the floor spinning on his belly and rubbing his hands all over the place. (sigh.) We get our hands washed and leave the bathroom. Half way through the store I smell something foul and lo' and behold Jace needs a diaper change. We head back to the bathroom and sneak back in.  (hence the picture below)
All of the boys enjoyed visiting the Lego Store - even Jace!

Meadow Utah Hot Springs

swim lessons :: session 2

I decided to sign the boys up for two separate swim sessions this summer and I am glad I did! It gives me an excuse to get out of the house, a break for the kids to play and Jace a chance to drowned himself in the deep end of the kiddy pool. The first day Luke was "pulled out of class" and they said he couldn't come back unless I sat next to the class and kept an eye on him. He wouldn't listen to his teacher, kept swimming away, kicking and not listening to a dang thing the teacher was trying to teach to these tiny 2-3 year olds. Cruz did amazing this session and I loved watching him from across the pool! He learned to go under the water, kick his legs and arms the correct way and stay under as long as he could hold his breath. He learned to float on his back, to dive for things and made some cute friends! 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

july 24th :: pioneer day

Twenty Fourth of July was laid back this year and spent with just out little family. We started the day off at the Washington City parade! I asked them what there favorite part of the parade was and they responded "The Jeep's, candy and popsicles!" We went back home and spent the afternoon at home napping, playing and relaxing! We took some dinner to my mom and lit off a few fireworks at her house. The boys were terrified to stand close to the fireworks (understandable) but loved watching the fountains spouting sparks and the colorful fireballs shooting into the air. The boys stayed awake until the fireworks at 10pm. They weren't grumpy at all which was surprising! We shared a couple of snow cones from Hukulia and they were a.m.a.z.i.n.g - snow cap and all! We went to the baseball field next to the field that they would light the fireworks off from and had a spectacular view. We all laid down on the blanket with big silly smilies on our faces! Jace laid on David's stomach and also enjoyed the show and watched quietly the entire time. The fireworks were literally right above our heads and we could hear the fireworks being shot off! It was the best show i've ever seen and it was a perfect 15 minutes! Before the firework show David bought a glow in the dark rubber band rocket that kept him and the boys busy and happy!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

lebaron :: beaver ut

our annual camping trip started a bit different this year. a little birdie told us that our extended family would also be camping on the same mountain and same campground as us and we also knew there wouldn't be enough campsites for everyone if the entire campground was empty so a few of us went up a couple days early and scouted out available spots. All of the campsites were taken except two of the worst sites and there wasn't enough for our intermediate family so we went down woodcutters (right new to the campground, tucked up in the trees) and found a really large open shaded area that we could all camp together. We pitched a few tents to make it look like the space was occupied. We stopped and looked at a truck that was saw on our way up that was for sale and took it for a quick test drive. We have been looking for quite some time to upgrade our truck to a larger size that would be able to pull easier for a while but we haven't been able to find one that we agree on in our price range. This one fit the bill and was in perfect condition, we both agreed so we bought it!

We went back up a few days later and we were happy to find that the site was untouched.
We spent out time swatting pesky flying bugs, hiding in the shade praying for a breeze, watching the kids play, crawdad hunting at Lower Res., taking trips down into town, spot lighting, four wheel rides, elf hunts, monster rocks, and trawberry hunting. This year was hard - the hardest camping trip we've done so far so we ended up skipping out a day early. David and I have decided that we want to try camping somewhere brand new in years to come but always coming back to Beaver in the fall when it's cooler, less people and the air is crisp.