Sunday, November 1, 2015

|| Blessing Jace ||

November 1st 2015 David was able to bless JRC at the Red Cliffs 1st ward! The day started out rough with two grumpy toddlers (time change) and a very sick very tired little baby boy. We were up with him most the night due to him having a sudden horrible cough and sore throat! We got to church and sat with our families - all of the boys were good, happy obedient little kids the entire sacrament meeting! I ordered Jace's blessing suit off of ETSY which was a white onesie cardigan, white stretchy pants, white socks, white moccasins and a checkered bow tie! My mom knitted a white blanket for his blessing which meant a lot to me. I felt like David put a lot of thought into Jace's blessing. He blessed Jace to be a good example to his older brothers and to his friends, to be patient, to know how much heavenly father loved him and wanted the best for him. He blessed Jace to seek out the holy ghost and to follow him, to go on a mission and to gain a relationship with his Heavenly Father and to always be optimistic to find the good in any situation, to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. All of our family attended the blessing - thank you again to everyone that came and attended! 

HALLOWEEN || Week of ...

The Sunday before Halloween we had dinner at my mom's house and everyone brought a couple of side dishes to add to the spooky spaghetti dinner! I bought peanut butter spider cookies and bug juice! Misty brought apple monsters, Rachelle brought Cheetos and Ashley made rolls!

We carved pumpkins a little late this year but I"m so glad we ended up doing them! We let the boys draw faces on the pumpkins and we carved them out! We let the boys try to gut there own pumpkins but both of them found it really disgusting! Luke sat around trying to eat the lid of the pumpkin and I was pretty sure Cruz was going to vomit everywhere from gutting the pumpkin! (Later that night the boys woke up with the stomach flu). Cruz took his first official picture of David and I carving pumpkins!

David and I went on a date to Cliff Side Restaurant for dinner which was amazing as always and then headed out to Tuachan to see Thriller! It was windy in the beginning but it quickly went away as the show started! We were only able to stay for the first half of the show because Grandma Talbot needed to work early the next morning but we were just happy that we were able to spend a few hours alone! 

Halloween Eve was spent eating a super spooky Halloween dinner! David took the boys to the park while I decorated and finished up dinner! I made Oreo eyeballs, slimy worms in lake muck, pumpkin guts and witches brew! I decorated with skeletons, spiders, cockroaches, tons of candles, spooky music and skeleton wine glasses! The boys walked in the door and there eyes were huge! Cruz stood at the side of the table and just stared in disbelief and acted shocked all through dinner! Luke admittedly found the dessert and had a hard time concentrating on dinner but it was a really fun night full of yummy food, scary stories and family traditions! David and I stayed awake later to watch Hocus Pocus!

Halloween morning started out with Ghost pancakes and yard selling! I bought a couple of toys for Jace's Christmas stocking and a Kelty hiking backpack for him as well! Cruz is starting to understand what yard selling is all about and both boys are super excited to rummage through the things that the sale offers! Grandma Clay come over for a few hours while David and I were able to do a session together at the Temple! I love being able to go with David to the temple, to see him sitting across from be and knowing we are both worth to be doing this work, how special and amazing it is! I love the ending of the session because we get to sit together in the sealing room that we were sealed for time and all eternity! After the session we came home and I started making Quinoa Chili for our ward Halloween party! I love this chili but it defiantly isn't for everyone ... the meat chilis were all about gone and hardly anyone had touched mine. That's okay, more for me! We weren't able to stay at the party for very long because we had previous engagements with family! We first visited Grandma and Grandpa Clay and let the boys trick or treat her there house! They were treated with a container of cashews (there favorite!) and a few other treats from Aunt Mary and Uncle Jared! We then headed to Grandma Talbot's house to go trick or treating with the cousins! Everyone looked super cute and had a lot of fun running from house to house! We split off around 7pm and went out to a community in Washington Fields that had nice homes, close together and family friendly! Almost every house was decorated with spooky scary decorations and every house was handing out candy! We saw the headless horseman riding around the neighborhoods which was fun for Cruz! It was getting late, Luke was get cranky and Cruz was starting to decline candy from the houses so we packed it up and went home! We went to 2-3 homes around our neighborhood then headed inside to dump out the buckets to see what kind of candy they got! I let each of the boys choose 5 pieces of candy each to eat the next day - they took over an hour to choose there pieces! Luke went after all of the suckers and Cruz went after a variety of candy!

Cruz was dressed up as a cowboy, Luke was a cute little lion and Jace was a caterpillar! There were a couple of other costumes that I wanted to purchase, make and dress the boys as but it was to expensive and time consuming for me to do right now!

Sunday, October 25, 2015


I threw together my first "block party" with a couple of other girls from my ward! It was a lot of fun getting to know the people I live around and letting all of the neighborhood kids get to know one another as well! We planned a couple of games from the kids and adults but we weren't able to get to them all! We did the "donut game" for adults and the kids which turned out to be quite hilarious! Cruz was a champ and didn't touch the donut one time! We played the mummy game and had a pool full of water balloons for the kiddos! Everyone brought a side dish or dessert and we had TONS of yummy food! David was such a champ and helped me decorate the block with lots of balloons, set up the table and chairs without complaining ... to much! 


We were supposed to go to the farm with a family from our ward but the weather turned out to be pretty bad in the beginning - we didn't bring jackets for the boys because it wasn't bad when we left the house. We stuck it out for a couple of minutes and the storm blew right over and the rest of the evening was beautiful! We let the boys play on the wooden equipment, slide down the many slides that the farm provided, play on the huge rocking chair, watch the animals, find our way through the corn maze and we got a cup of hot chocolate to share! While in the maze both boys were in disbelief that there was corn cobs everywhere! Luke insisted that he could eat the cobs and held on to a couple the entire night! Half way through the maze Luke and I were walking down the path when a group of young kids came walking by. One of the girls was concerned that Luke was lost from his parents - I piped in saying he was mine and she looked at me with a shocked face saying ... but i'm older then you! lol. Umm... Also in the maze Cruz felt "lost and scared" so he asked David to get down on his knees with him and say a prayer to Heavenly Father so that they could find there way out of the maze - Luke and I came around the corner just as they were finishing the prayer. We let the boys stay up past bedtime (which they love) and play until they both complained how cold and tired they were. It was seriously a great night. 


loves grabbing our faces
scratching textures
eating hair
putting anything he can find into his mouth
loves standing on his tip toes
and water

hates his car seat for longer than 1 hour
sucks on a blanket to fall asleep
chews on his index finger
weighs 15.5 pounds
73 % centile
three haircuts
breaking his first tooth
loves kicking his legs
rolling back to front
and traps himself into the corner of his crib
and cries until we come get him out.