Wednesday, June 22, 2016

fathers day :: one day late.

My mom and I went on a quick trip to San Francisco to get out of town, away from babies, work and life and enjoyed the delicious food, sights and sleep! We got home late Fathers Day night so we celebrated Monday instead!

David had to work most of the day so the kids gave them a little write up that they made him and a yummy breakfast! We went on a date down to Mesquite for a little work, dinner and BINGO but ended up coming home after dinner due to babies being ready for bed and needing to be picked up from Grandma's house. It was nice getting away with David for a couple of hours.

Man do I love this guy. It was defiantly a match made in Heaven.

I couldn't have dreamt of a better man to help raise children with and the example that he is to them every single day. It makes me so proud to imagine my boys being just like there dad in every way. He is so incredibly patient with them, plays with them, snuggles them and tells them how much he loves them before bed and makes them laugh like no one else. He is the hardest, biggest dreamer, kindness, most patient, loving and selfless person I truly know. He provides so many luxurious and necessities for us and plays along with my constant need for travel, helping other people and snuggle time. He doesn't complain and always has a cheerful heart. He supports me, loves me, picks up the slack, tames me and says sorry easily. My heart is full.

Monday, June 20, 2016

luke turns 3 ::

If I could pick one single word to sum up Luke it would be goofy!

He will most defiantly be the class clown, always silly and crazy!
I love his sweet, loving spirt that comes along with a crazy temper, constant need to be without clothes and need to make others laugh. 

His love for nuts, snap peas, chicken nuggets, bananas, donuts, dried mangos and carrots is what nourishes his body.

He is constantly doing something that makes me laugh.
He is the first to jump in the freezing pool water, first to climb
the tree, first done with his breakfast, the last out of the bath, last to finish
his sweet treat and last eating his dinner. He will do anything for a piece
of candy - running through sprinklers, jumping off the roof into David's
arms and even dunking his head under the water. He is the best work out
partner and does his best to follow along with INSANITY MAX or Jillian.
Jumping jacks and push ups aren't his strong suit but does well with squats.

He loves sticking his tongue out, hanging on everything, swings and razor rides.
Water, balls, hot wheels, sandboxes, cousins, food, candy, playing in the river,
finding any sort of insect - holding them softly saying "oh mommy, love".
Loves Sunday morning hikes with dad, reading books, yard sales, grandmas house, picking berries, feeding animals, balloons, movies and nosey toys. He loves water, eating, eating, eating,  l.o.v.e.s books, scribbling, pillow smash, movies and his first crush Dia who secretly loves Cruz. Rollie pollies, lady bugs, worms and lizards are constantly being caught and stored on his bed.

He is getting better with his speech and is talking more and more each day. Saying
his prayers that consists of "Heaven father, thank you food, family, what else mommy?"
"name jesus AMEN". He is learning to say "I want" instead of "me want" and is learning several words every day.

For his birthday we had a animal theme and instead of trying to come up with a craft that would keep the kids interested, I provided a bounce house instead! Best idea ever! I asked him what type of cake he wanted and he insisted on having donuts instead - so we had donuts! We had Birthday pancakes topped with whipped cream for breakfast and then set up for the party!

We had so many kids show up and I felt everyone had a great time! We set up a couple of pools, had a bubble machine, huge bounce house and sprinklers! Luke loved opening all of his gifts and looked slightly overwhelmed with the attention he was getting! 

Luke chose pizza for his birthday dinner so we took him to pizza pie cafe for unlimited pizza! Afterward we went home and had cake and opened presents from mom and dad, Cruz and Grandma Talbot! David and I got him a trike (again) for his birthday since someone stole his a few months ago. Lame. We also got him a T-Ball set that I think he will love! Grandma Talbot got him a couple of super cool cars and Cruz earned money to buy him a Hot Wheels car and graham teddy crackers! Luke insisted on having a bear on his cake and lots of chocolate! He blew all of his candles out in one blow.

San Francisco ::

My mom and I took a quick weekend trip up to San Francisco! I needed to get away from the ever day stuff and relax and my mom needed a little getaway too! We left bright and early Friday morning from Las Vegas and flew into San Francisco shortly after we took off! When David and I travel I am in charge of everything except for the "transportation" part of the trip but this time I had to be in charge of it all! It was quite intimating! We found BART and took it up into San Francisco and then a bus up to our hotel was which located near Lombard Street and Fishermans Warf! We were able to check into our hotel room super early which worked out to drop off our luggage and go and explore the city. Our first stop was Ghirardelli Square on the Warf! We shared some chocolate and a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with whipped cream - it was thick, cream and delicious. We visited the trolly station and went shopping at the fun shops along the water line. We stopped at Bourbon Sourdough Restaurant for lunch and had a bowl of clam chowder in a Sourdough bread bowl! We visited the Vintage Arcade and made our way over to the Golden Gate Bridge! The fog was thick, wet and chilly but we decided to to walk along the bridge for some pictures. The shoes I decided to wear were giving me major blisters so I stopped and let my mom explore the bridge. We jumped back onto public transportation but found out quickly that we jumped on the wrong bus that was taking us far from our hotel. Needless to say we got off, go on, got off go on until we were in the financial district and we HAD to get off the bus because I was so car sick that I was going to loose it. I was to sick to eat dinner and to sick to get back on the bus so we walked 23 blocks back to our hotel. The hills in San Francisco are no joke and we were exhausted when we finally arrived at our hotel. Some of the places we walked were actually really scary and some were beautiful.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and walked to the Ferry Building to the Saturday Farmers Market! I had a lot of food I wanted to try at the Ferry building and market so I skipped breakfast so I was extra hungry! I got Lavender Lemonade (my favorite), samosa, peaches and we bought a few things for lunch! The peach that I got was bigger then my entire hand, a salted honey walnut pie from Three Babes Bakeshop, chive biscuit and a fried biscuit from the Biscuit Bender. We jumped on the ferry over to Angel Island which was a 45 minute ride over. We were able to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the city scape along the way! We rented bikes to ride around the island but quickly found that it wasn't going to happen (hills galore) so we turned them back in and bought tickets for the tram ride. (we weren't able to hike due to the second pair of shoes I packed - I learned a big lesson this trip) The tour was informational but incredibly boring so I had a nice nap around the Island. The history of the island is incredibly interesting.<-- a=""> We ate our lunch (pie was terrible, peach was wonderful) and waited for our ferry to arrive to take us back to San Francisco (pier 41). After we got back on the mainland we went back to the ferry building to buy a few souvenirs and had dinner at Grott! The burgers were huge and the garlic parsley french fries were amazing. I had found my Elderflower rose lemonade at one of the small store fronts, yah! We shared an ice cream from Humphry Slocombe, raspberry milk from Cowgirl Creamery and a chicken steamed bun from Out the Door. We headed back to our hotel early to relax.

 The next morning we woke up and headed up to Lombard Street before it got to hot and the tourists invaded. We were three blocks from the street so it was easily excess able. The street wasn't crowded nor were cars lined up to drive down so we got some great pictures! We went back to our hotel, grabbed our luggage and headed down to the Painted Ladies, Bi-Rite for ice cream and Charlie's Deli for lunch! We walked a few blocks to BART and headed down to the airport to catch out flight!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

a day away :: vegas

David and I were able to sneak away for the day to Las Vegas for work and play! Grandma Clay watched the boys (thanks again!) so we could spend a much needed day together without the kids in tow. David had a pretty important meeting with BTD racing to sign a contract to become the main tracking system. He did awesome in the meeting and wow'd them! Yah! After word we went to REI, Trader Joe's and went on the High Roller! It took the coast 30 minutes to make an entire circle which was a perfect amount of time. The pods were quite large and the view was amazing. 

dentist visit::

I took the boys to the dentist this month at Kids Dental on Mall Drive! They were both very well behaved and the staff couldn't believe how cute and obedient they were! This was Luke's first time to the dentist and didn't complain a bit. Cruz has been before so he was super confident and talked Luke through it. They both left the dentist without a single cavity and got there pictures taken to be put up on the cavity free wall. They were so excited to pick a prize and sent home with a new toothbrush and balloon! Growing up my mom would take us out to get a shake from Arctic Circle if we didn't have any cavities and I remember feeling like a million bucks when I didn't have any! We went and grabbed some ice cream and they thought it was so cool.