Saturday, October 3, 2015


David had a booth on contingency row at the Imperial Valley 250 Off-Road Race the end of September and we decided this would be a fun one to take the kids to sense he wouldn't be racing this time around. We started our journey early morning Wednesday (September 26th) and headed 7 hours SW to El Centro Navy Base to spend the night! One our way down we were driving through the middle of the desert and came across a train pulling 100's and 100's of tanks, first aid vehicles and other military trucks! We were listening to Visions of Glory as it passed us by which made it that much more intimidating! We stopped at the Glamis Dunes for a potty break and to get out to streach our legs for a while! We were all wearing long pants (what was I thinking?) and it was 110+ degrees outside! We played in the shadow of the dunes for a couple of minutes until I felt like we were all slightly dehydrated and sleepy from the heat! We got to El Centro and ate at a small hole in the wall Mexican restaurant which was really quite tasty! Our rooms at the base reminded me of dorm rooms that you would imagine in a college dorm room! The rooms were clean, came with a full sized fridge, comfortable beds and we had a second room for the boys which was really nice and spacious!

The next day David went to work at the booth (Text Any Where) while the boys and I went shopping at the mall until he was finished! Afterward we drove an hour north to see the Salton Sea which was really cool! The smell was horrific, families had inhabited some of the run down homes and the children were playing football and what not in the abandoned shacks, jumping on yucky mattresses etc. We went back to the base and David got called into the commanders office. We let one of the race teams stay on base with us and they weren't following a few of the strict rules so David got into some trouble. Oops.

We stayed on the Hotel Circle in Northern San Diego for a couple of days! The first day we got there we went down to Hotel Del to play on the beach and show the boys the beautiful hotel! The kids were grumpy from the drive so we had many many melt downs in a short period of time. Luke wouldn't share the trucks with Cruz so Cruz stood up and kicked him right in the stomach. Jace cried most the time, it was incredibly humid and hot and very crowded! I am still grateful we went, the water felt amazing and the boys were able to expel some energy before we headed back to our hotel! 

The next day was Sunday so we took the boys to the San Diego LDS Temple and it literally took my breath away. I believe this is the most beautiful temple out of all the LDS temples built! Every time I go it makes me so thankful that I am sealed to David and my three boys for time and all eternity! We were the only people on the grounds for quite awhile which was really nice! We then went to the La Jolla Farmers market and picked up some hummus, fruit and a green smoothie which the boys wouldn't share ... which I'm okay with sense it contained Organic Kale, Spinach etc.
We went to La Jolla State Beach and spent Carlsbad State beach and didn't enjoy the actual beach very much due to the steep slant into the water and the crashing waves! The boys had a great time running after the birds, playing trucks, eating a picnic on the beach and going into the water with David. Jace loved the breeze and kicking his legs in the beach tent! Through out our entire trip we got compliment after compliment about sweet, adorable, kind, good mannered children we had!

We also went to the San Diego Zoo while we were there! We got a great deal through the Military which made it that much better! We went on a Monday and it was dead. Cruz and Luke both loved all of the animals, riding the sky tram, eating a picnic in the park and running up and down the path ways. Luke's favorite animal was the birds and the squirrels in the bushes and Cruz's favorite animal was the Monkeys! Jace was an angel the entire zoo trip, he sat in his stroller and watched the world pass him by. 

We stopped at Carlsbad State Beach SOUTH and LOVED IT! The beach was amazing, nobody else was there, we found sand dollars, the cliffs were covered in greenery, the sunset was amazing and the ground was flat with no steep inclines or mean crashing waves! We ate at Spiritos Italian Restaurant in Carlsbad and it was amazing

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


jace is our best behaved baby
eats great (now)
having to switch back and fourth between formula
one smells like fish
seven ounces 5 times a day
four naps
sleeps through the night
happiest, smiliest baby
coo's when talked to
loves listening to us sing
loves bath time
and almost giggles when I change his clothes

size 3 diapers
6 month clothing
loves being outside
watching the leaves in the wind
the moving clouds and the sound of birds chirping
does really well in the bumbo
and tummy time

loves his mobile
my hair
black and white pictures
and loves grabbing his toys
and shoving them into his mouth

constantly smiles
when he looks at you
you can see happiness and love
his eyes sparkle and
you can feel the spirit and feel the
freshness from heaven

(We switched Jace to a new formula because the Similac Sensitive just wasn't cutting it. All of our boys have had sensitive bellies so we start them on the SS right off. His body was having a hard time breaking down the protein so our pediatrician introduced us to Nutramigen with Enflora LGG (Enfamil). The formula is for cow's milk allergy (Hypoallergenic with Iron). We will keep him on the new formula until he is 6 month and try to switch him back to Similac.)


Our September camping trip has been anticipated for quite some time! This year we went in the third week in September and it was perfect the entire time! Labaron Lake will always hold a special place in my heart - it's where I first went camping at 3 months old with my family and having my mom take us alone (without my dad) through out my childhood and teenage years! She's superwoman - putting up with 6 small children all alone, on the top of a mountain for weeks at a time. I never remember her complaining, or yelling or hovering over us while we camped she just let us be kids and explore. I want my children to have similar memories of growing up on the mountain, exploring, falling out of trees, building huts, feeding the chipmunks, fishing, building rafts out of wood and sinking, spot lighting, bear incidents, lots of smore's, cousins, rock jumping, elf hunting and raspberry picking! 
This trip I drove the Honda Pilot and towed the razor and David drove the truck and towed the trailer - I haven't ever towed anything before so it was quite intimidating but every thing turned out great! David drove with Jace and I took Luke and Cruz. We stopped in Cedar City and got Cruz a hat at Beach Break and ate a Coconut Cream Puff from a small bakery! We met David up in Beaver at the Cache Valley Cheese Factory for a couple of scoops of Ice Cream before heading up the mountain! 

 I drove up the mountain with my windows rolled all the way down, feeling the cool crisp breeze on my face and the smell of pine sap and wet fallen leaves. I didn't pass a single person coming or going on our drive up the mountain which made me feel excited because I knew there wouldn't be many campers in the campsites! On the drive Cruz was asking me about Husband and Wife.
Cruz: Mom will I love a beautiful girl?
Mom: Yup, you will find a beautiful girl one day and say "will you marry me"
Cruz: But what if she says no?
Me: She will say yes because you are so cute!
Cruz: But what if she says no? I would be so sad because I would want her to be my family!
Me: She will say yes, and guess what? You will get to marry her in the temple and be able to be a family for eternity, even after we die!"
Cruz: That would make me happy mommy! I want to have 20 babies because I LOVE babies, they are all so cute!
Me: Oh good!
Cruz: But that means I will need to work hard to pay for a big house where all of my babies can live! Just like daddy!
Me: Yup!
Cruz: Mommy, will you still come to my house so I can take you on a samurai ride? I will push on the pedal so fast and go Zrooooommm and you will have to put 5 blankets over your head!
Me: I would love if you took me on a samurai ride!
Cruz: Silence
Cruz: Mommy, we should have another baby. Lets have a girl baby and I would love her so much!
Me: Sorry Cruzy, I think our family is complete! ... What if I had another baby and heavenly father sent us a baby boy?
Cruz: Ohhhh, I would be so mad!
When we arrived we found that we were the only campers! We got to choose from any campsite and chose the lower campsite next to the huge meadow and perfect trees for forts! I'm embarresed to say that I spent most of my time sitting in the meadow with pancake pieces or pringles scattered on my legs and shoes trying to feeding the chipmunks! I wasn't successful this year - maybe next year! David set up a big swing set that the boys and cousins played on constantly! I could always tell when someone was playing on the swing because you could hear children's laugher through out the valley!

Sometime through out the day Cruz lost David's glasses somewhere in the forest so we took the opportunity to teach Cruz about prayer, to talk, thank and ask Heavenly Father for everything! David and Cruz knelt down below a tree and prayed that they could find the glasses. It took 2-3 sweet little prayers but they found the glasses where they first prayed.

Mary and Jared went camping with us to Yankee Meadow a few weeks ago and introduced us to a chair similar to the one in the picture. We loved it and had to get one! Thanks Mary! The boys loved laying, playing and sitting on it through out the camping trip! Jace spent a lot of time in the chair cuddled up in the red deer blanket while watching the leaves blowing in the wind and listening to his brothers playing in the meadow and fort! Most mornings we were woken to the sound of calling elk which was really cool! This trip felt more relaxed and we didn't have much planned for the kids except for exploring and playing together.

 David had to do a couple of days of guard in Salt Lake so he left me on the mountain with the three boys for two days. That was hard. It's easy being at home alone with babies but much different on the mountain. Everything worked out just fine and it make me so much more grateful for my amazing mom for what she did for us and her sacrifices she made to give us these memories!

 We took a family razor ride down a few trails - it was cold but we were warmed with big fluffy blankets!
We went on a walk around the lake which was beautiful (just like always) and were surprised to see how low the lake was this year! The moss was visible through out most of the lake but it was actually really pretty! 

When I was a little girl I sat on this fence talking to the firemen and bringing them meals while they fought the fire just over the hill from us.

Rock jumping has become a thing. I find it hilarious and now so do my children and my nieces. 
Jack frost came to visit through out our stay

On the last night the boys and I sat in the trailer while drinking hot chocolate and I read them a few scary stories! Cruz's eyes were as big as saucers and his breathing was slow and shallow .. at the end of the last story I yelled "boo" and they both jumped so hard that the hot chocolate jumped from there cups and all over there newly bathed bodies and blankets! I seriously haven't laughed that hard in so long!