Wednesday, April 22, 2015

35 weeks + Life update ..

House update -
Not a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks due to us waiting for the insurance to pay out but they finally have so we can start the process of fixing and building the house again! The trailer finally got pulled out of the side yard and was hauled off. Sad day. David had a week of guard in Salt Lake and found the same exact trailer one year newer but with less upgrades. We bought it of course!
The house in completely cleaned out and the siding and sheet rock inside has been removed. We are still living in my mom's basement which has been amazing because she has everything from beds, pots and pans, tons of toys, huge back yard and everything else! It's nice that we didn't have to rush and buy everything days after the fire! It'll definitely be nice to get into our own place as well though.
We went out to the house and met with the framer to go over things that we wanted changed or things that we wanted to add to the house and different prices. We are changing the kitchen a little bit, making the living room a bit bigger and a few other minor details. The demolition of the framing and rebuild of the frame and trusses of the house are finished and the electrician, plumber and HVAC with be out the end of the week. David and I were able to go pick out our cabinets, doors, flooring, counter tops, lighting, siding and roofing for the house this week.
 House hunting update -
We are still house hunting ... and there is still absolutely nothing on the market for a half way decent price. Nothing. Zero. The offers we had on the other homes got out bid and now we have a bid on a condo on Main Street which also go outbid even though we were over the asking price! Bummer ...

Baby update -
We have finally agreed and chosen a name for little name less clay.  Jace Reid Clay. I like it.
I'm also happy to say that he is still warm and cozy up in my ribs kicking away. My sisters(& in-law) and mom and I took the kids to the park, ordered in food and had a small "baby shower dinner" which was nice. My doctors appointment reviled that I am on the verge of having gestational diabetes
that i'm anemic which is probably why I am always so stinkin tired and I had a bad fall this week and I hurt my left hip pretty bad. I feel like this pregnancy hasn't been nice at all. Cruz came with me to my appointment and was such a trooper ..

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter weekend

We started our Easter weekend out planting Jelly Beans in the garden! Every year I find a couple of magic jelly bean seeds and let the kids plant them where ever they want and we see what grows out of the seeds! This year Cruz chose to plant them in one of my mom's many flower pots and than watered them with a ton of water! In the morning after breakfast we went out to see if anything had grown and it had indeed! There were chocolate suckers shaped in a flower, tootsie roll pops in bright colors and a big chocolate bunny sucker! The kids were so excited and they got to choose one tootsie roll pop to have to themselves! Cruz took the purple one and Luke took the yellow one!

Later that day my mom helped them make "rabbit" ears which they wouldn't wear but it was still super cute! We took the kids to see the Easter Bunny at the park and it turns out this super cute innocent bunny is terrifying to my children. Who would have thought?
Saturday afternoon we met up with Misty and her family out at the Bloomington trail head to go four wheeling and a picnic near the Virgin River! The kids loved playing together, throwing rocks into the water, eating lots of chips and wading in the shallow parts of the river. I was able to ride in the razor while holding Luke and I was so surprised at how smooth the ride was!

Later that night we had a Easter Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Clay's house - meatballs, potatoes, asparagus and a salad! Everyone ended up eating way to much (except Luke of course) but the food was all very good! After dinner we rushed home to color Easter eggs before bed which was a hit with Cruz! We colored 4-5 eggs and chose which color he wanted to "Dye" them and couldn't believe that they actually changed colors! Luke could care less and just wanted to drink the vinegar and crush the eggs. Cruz chose a spot outside to leave the eggs for the bunny to find - which was on top of the rocker chair where the dogs couldn't reach! David and I watched a movie while filling Easter baskets full of goodies and toys and then hid the eggs outside for the kids to find in the morning! Best thing about being a parent is seeing the magic in your kids eyes the morning of.

Easter morning we went upstairs and Cruz saw his basket and ran as fast as he could to see what was inside! He got a book, a remote control car, kid binoculars and a few pieces of candy! He was so excited about the remote control car because we lost Davids Robby Gordon remote control car in the fire and Cruz has been talking about saying how sad he was that it was gone - so I bought a cheapie one at TJ MAXX and David gave it a face lift to match the one we had before! Luke got little foam balls - basketball, baseball and a football along with a book and a few pieces of candy! They were so stinkin' excited to play with everything! After Easter baskets we sat down to eat our traditional "Bird Nest" breakfast which consists of filling muffin tins full of coconut, shredded wheat, butter mixture and baking for 10 minutes. You then fill the "Nests" full of yogurt, nuts and fruits. I grew up with this tradition and am gladly passing it on to my kids.

Cruz looked outside to see if the egg crate was still where he had left it the night before and it was but the flap was open and the eggs were gone! Cruz and Luke went out front and hunted for eggs that were filled with little toys, bouncy balls and jelly beans! Cruz is getting the hang of "get as many as you can find before anyone else" and Luke is in the stage of "wow, it's an egg .. lets open it and investigate the item before looking for anything else" but they both finished so happy!

Later in the day we had a big Easter dinner at my mom's house - turkey, potatoes, vegetables, jello eggs and carrot bunt cheesecake! Before dinner my mom set the kids out loose to hunt for Easter eggs and they all scored with overflowing buckets of treats and toys! Afterward we had set up a queen sheet against the wall outside, filled up TONS of eggs with paint, dressed all the kids in white and let them go crazy! They all had a great time most of the time unless someone threw an egg to hard, or it got on someone's new ring or if someone fell over someone else. What do you expect with 7 kids under 5 years old. ha ha. It really was a fun time watching them.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Wheew - I have made it two weeks on bed rest (which I'm really not very good at) without going to crazy. David has been a great help the last couple of weeks especially having to take on a ton more responsibility like cooking all the meals, bathing the kids, taking care of the kids, dishes, laundry, cleaning etc etc - I have been instructed that I can "lounge" that I cannot pick up my kids, walk around or do anything that consists of "motion" (sweeping, dishes, stirring food, walking, etc). It's all pretty lame and I catch my self more often than I dare to admit not following the rules very well - but i'm trying .. and I"m constantly reminded by my sweet husband to sit the heck down.

At my last doctors appointment (weekly visits now) doctor L upped the medication and made it so I need to be taking it every 4 hours rather than every 6 which is not fun. It makes me dizzy, groggy and light headed - yuck! My contractions seem to come and go depending on the day - no more bleeding but I've picked up cramps in my lower back which is weird. We've finally agreed on a name but it could very easily change again - Jace Reed Clay.

I've been able to have floor play with the boys more than every before and read lots and lots of books! I've also gotten quite the tan sitting outside in a lounge chair watching the boys playing in the sand.

On another note the "burnt house" in Hurricane is coming along very slowly. The clean up crew has cleared everything out of the house including tubs, cabinets, belongings, doors and stripped the sheetrock off the interior of the home. The exterior sheetrock and siding as also been taken down and the roof removed. It looks like the "frame" of the house can be 80% reused which is great news so I'm sure that will take a lot of time off of the "wait" time! Our vehicle that was fully insured STILL hasn't been reimbursed and it's now been over 1 month nor have we seen any money to start replacing anything! Thats insurance for ya'! Our new trailer that was registered but not quite insured is still "under investigation" so we are really hoping they will cover the loss of it ... hopefully! we went through all of our belongings and were able to keep a handful of items (around 10) that were salvageable and the rest was thrown into the dumpster behind the storage building ... wow .... what a weird feelings to see and know everything you ever owned was dumped into a big stinky trash can.

We are "due" to purchase another home to fix up and move into so we are also house hunting right now! One the house is rebuilt we will put renters in (which is totally unfair sense it'll be BRAND NEW) ... There isn't much on the market right now and everything is over priced but we do have a bid on one house that we are waiting to hear back on. (Which we didn't get)

On a positive note we just bought a new vehicle, finally! I talked David into purchasing a Honda Pilot which i've wanted for quite some time! It's amazing! I
David drove down to San Diego on a "wim" to replace his "toy" that burnt in the garage which turned out to be a 2011 Razor - He got a great deal on it but I don't agree with the purchase because I think they are dangerous, but if it'll get him out of this "sadness" he's been in than I guess it's alright with me.

We are still waiting to see if we are going to be put on "military orders" to move to Salt Lake for 6 months - October through April (it'll most likely go through).

That's my life right now ... it's not perfect but i'm thankful for it!

Karen + Danny 40th

Mary planned a really nice dinner at the Rib & Chop House here in St. George for Danny and Karen's 40th wedding anniversary! We had a lot of family show up which was really great, the food was delicious, the cake was amazing and it was a lot of fun to watch them open presents + it was Karen's birthday as well! Cruz had a great time sitting with his cousins at the "kid" table and ordering what he wanted off of the menu! There were many thoughtful cards, fun birthday presents and we all made a book of "40 things we've learned from you guys over the past 40 years". It was fun to see all the things that were written in the book and see how much they meant to us all!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


March hasn't been very nice to us this year. David and I took the boys down to Vegas for the Mint 400 race and that night I had really bad contractions that made me feel sick to my stomach every 2-3 minutes apart. I told David we should probably go into the hospital of they got any closer ... The contractions lasted a good 2 hours but didn't get any worse. A couple days later I noticed that I had started "spotting" and the contractions continued. I had my 30 week appointment with doctor L. I explained to him my concerns and he decided to take another test to see if I was in pre-term labor. I left feeling good and that I was in good standing until the doctors office called later that afternoon. I tested positive for pre-term labor so I went back into the office and was monitored for 20 minutes.
He was worried about the closesness of the contractions and other symptoms so he officially put me on "relax orders" and sent me through the secret hallways to Labor and Delivery where they monitored me for 24 hours. I had an ivy that helped hydrate my body, 2 steroid shots in my bum, medication to slow down contractions and monitoring bands around my belly.

David had left to Mexico that day for a 5 day race - I called him when he was rolling into California telling him the situation and that I was on my way to the hospital. He rented a car and drove back to be with me and help take care of the boys. The baby is happy and healthy and isn't under any stress which is great news!

The next morning Doctor L. did a few more tests to see if anything had changed over night (which they hadn't) but still wanted to keep me until 4:00pm for my second steroid shot. We had an ultra sound scheduled for noon in the hospital which was really fun. We weren't able to see a lot of "Cute" shots of the baby because they were looking at all of the "medical" concerns, weight
(3 1/2 pounds) etc.
Thankfully I was released from Labor and Delivery around 5:00pm but was sent home with some pretty strict directions.
Best. Rest. Ugh!


I can get up to take a quick shower ... and that's about it. He said that he will take me off of best rest once I hit (if I do) 37 weeks which is 7 weeks ... 2 months 3 weeks or if you prefer 1,176 hours. I'm going to go insane ... BUT if it means keeping this little guy in my belly longer than I guess it's all worth it. While browsing Pinterest in the hospital waiting for my next dose of medication or next shot I came across this quote that helped me get past this little sad "Hiccup".
God's plans for your life far exceed the circumstances of your day.
I feel so thankful that our little boy didn't decided to make his appearance this week and that we have my contractions under control - I am also so thankful to have both of our parents here in St. George so we have someone to help watch our little boys while we've been going through this hectic month.

30 weeks pregnant