Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 San Felipe 250

I didn't think he would do it but I got David to write about the last race he went to ... so here is David's blog post.

I've been a co-pilot for James Burman out of Heber Utah for a couple of seasons now.  We have been successfully racing a 7SX Class Ford Ranger, we even won the 2014 Baja 1000 that was actually 1275 miles.  This year James decided he wanted to step up and get into a bigger and faster class, so he retired the 7sx truck and bought a Class 8.  Eric was racing with a guy named Pistol Pete Sohren so we decided to take our black Saturn Ion and drive down together to meet up with our teams.  We left late Wednesday night, stopped in Needles where I had reserved a room, found that they had sold our room out from under us - so Eric and I had to go searching for a different place to spend the night.   The next morning we hooked up with my team and headed for the border.  We learned that a lot of deals had fallen though so we would be racing on an old set of BFG tires, we'd have no spare parts and wheels that were not self centering.

San Felipe is a little fishing town about two hours down the east coast of the Baja Peninsula, I've talked to people who use to go there in the early 80's and they said it hadn't changed much. We got there and almost immediately unloaded the truck to do some shock testing.  This was pretty much James first time driving the truck, he made a couple of runs, stopped, made adjustments, made a few more runs and then discovered the rear end was making a horrible noise.   Over the next two days we pulled the third member and axles in and out, made adjustments, pressed bearing in and out and did what we could to solve to problem.  Finally late Friday night we realized the problem wasn't completely fixed, but had to decided wether to race or not. James made the call to race and we were the last truck to push through contingency.

The race started at 11am on Saturday afternoon - there were 6 trucks in our class and they all looked mean. Chris and James started while Wally and I headed to a road crossing at RM40.  By then truck 808 came through and a minute later we came through, no sign of the others. We drove to RM 125 where I would get in the truck to co-drive.  It was cool to watch all the trophy trucks go by, those things are insane. Two hours later we pulled in about 5 minutes behind 1st place. I got in and we took off.  This is the fasted truck I have ridden in and it took a little while to get use to. It was amazing how fast we could pound through the whoops, which are terrible in San Felipe.  It actually beat me up pretty good, not it's been a few days sense the race and I am still pretty sore!  Soon we saw the number 808 off the track so we new we were in 1st place.  We made it to RM 200 when something wasn't feeling right. We pulled over and I jumped out and soon discovered that we were loosing a lot of gear oil out of the third member.  We crawled under with a wrench and started tightening loose diff nuts.  One stud had completely snapped off.  Some Mexican fans came out of no where to see if they could help, we asked for gear oil and they disappeared into the bushes and soon returned with a gallon... unbelievable!!!   We got back in and attempt to go but immediately sank to our axle in the silt.  It took a solid 45 minutes to dig out but finally we were on our way again.  By this time we decided we had to just take it easy. James thought we wouldn't make it 10 miles regardless.  It got dark quickly and we hadn't put on out light bar so we had 2 amber and 1 white spot light to work with on the front.  We motored on and I called out turns helping James to negotiate the course.  After a few hours of this we finally saw the lights of San Felipe and soon passed through the finish line in 1st place... pretty sweet.   Eric's team had blown a motor at RM 85 so they were back and Eric was at the finish line which really meant a lot to me.   All in all the race was amazing, the tacos and scenery was equally amazing as well. I really enjoy Mexico!  What a race!

Friday, January 9, 2015


I am officially 20 weeks pregnant which also means that I am 5 months pregnant!
Believe it or not I don't feel pregnant - chubby would be the correct term. The last 4 1/2 months I haven't been doing much except complaining to my poor husband about my current situation and sickness. Poor David. But he catered to me through every sickness (morning sickness which seemed to last all day, the flu twice, a mean cold and a very mean sinus infection) and didn't start complaining until about 3 weeks ago saying "do you know how many times I have to get out of bed to get you something every single night"? .... Ooops ... Anyways I am finally feeling SO much better (I'm officially on day 3 of not being very sick) but like I said - I feel chubby with doing a lot of sitting and snacking so I've started the Jillian Michael DVD's again which makes my body sore but I love it!

I haven't felt the baby move (due to the placenta being in the front so the baby kicks the placenta not me) which is fine in my book - I remember all to vaguely how bad it hurt when an elbow went across your belly or kick to the ribs. We went in for our 20 week ultra sound which turned out great! The baby is healthy and he wouldn't sit still in my belly - he was curled in a ball and would push his little feet up against the placenta and kick hard but I couldn't feel it which was weird actually seeing.

136 days to go ...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The month of December ..

The month of December started off in Salt Lake City spending the weekend with David's family while David fulfilled his "weekend" for the Air Force! We took the boys down to the light show which they both absolutely loved! The next day we had a big yummy spaghetti dinner at Mary's house and then headed up to Temple Square to look at the lights and see the Salt Lake Temple! Parking took over an hour to find and the grounds of the temple were insane - like insane. You couldn't walk with out stepping on someone else's foot, getting pictures was impossible and going as a group wasn't the best idea either. Ha. Karen and Danny took our kids back down to Springville so David and I could spend the night in Salt Lake together - we went to Trader Joe's and got my VERY favorite cookie of all time ... we got 3 boxes which i'm slightly afraid that it isn't going to last me the month of December ... eek!
After Trader Joes we headed back to the hotel unfortunately because I had yet another headache which was a bummer because I could tell David really wanted to go out and have some fun together.

After Salt Lake we took Cruz for his first Dentist appointment which was so incredibly adorable. He was SO good the entire time - through the X-RAYS, getting his teeth cleaned and letting the dentist count his teeth and check his gums. He didn't complain a single time and watched the movie Bolt on the TV in the ceiling. He looked so little in the X-RAY chair, sitting there with a very serious face and being so good for the technician. 

The second week in December we also learned the sex of the baby at the early ultra sound (16 weeks). Misty was able to watch the kids while David and I went to the appointment together - it was quick and very informative. I laid down being nervous (like always) while David held my hand. I wanted so badly for the baby to be perfectly healthy with no problems (I've taken ALOT of medication with my sinus infection and it worried me) and didn't care what sex the baby was. I don't understand the pictures on the ultrasound screen and have to always be told what is what and where it's located on the screen but she pointed the scope over the babies bum and admittedly I saw his little John sticking out for the world to see and knew it was a boy before we had even started the process! ANOTHER BOY! We are planning to have this be our very last baby so it's fun to think of 3 little boys running around the house - going to school together, leaving on missions soon after one another and being best buddies! The baby looked very healthy - and his little ankles were crossed which was really cute. While we were having the ultra sound my uterus was having a contraction which she said usually lasted around 20 minutes and was contorting the baby into a really weird position and was squeezing the baby ... which is guess is totally normal. Ha. We announced that we were having a boy in our Christmas card - now lets just hope people will actually read it! 

The kindness elf came for a visit this month as well - each night he moves somewhere new in the house and has a fun/learning/kind activity to do that day! One morning Cruz found Tinsel the elf sitting in the mixing bowl with a letter stating that they would make cupcakes and give them to someone special (Hayden of course). Another morning Cruz found him sitting on the chair next to the bookshelf reading a new book called "I am helping" and we made a fun list of things that we could do to help others! He seems to enjoy finding him each morning and doing new activities every day! 

The middle of December we visited Tuacahn to see the live nativity (which was a short 20 minutes - amazing for small children) with Eric & Annie which was great! We went on a Thursday so it wasn't very busy and we didn't have to wait in long lines for concessions or to see Santa! Cruz was so confident waiting in line to see Santa telling me what he would tell Santa once it was his turn. He froze once he climbed up on Santa's knee saying he wanted candy and maybe some toys for Christmas (instead of his "Train's, Train's, Train's and Candy Canes answer). He looked so big sitting on Santa's lap which made me a little bit sad. Luke admittedly started crying when we set him on Santa's knee but stopped when we shoved a roasted walnut in his mouth. Ellie, Mason and Cruz danced on the stage and ran around the decorated Christmas tree while drinking HOT chocolate and roasted nuts! The show was perfectly short and kept Cruz's attention the entire time - it was fun explaining each scene to him and seeing the understanding on his face. The weather was light jacket weather which was another plus! We had a great night! 

I made "neighborhood" treats this year! I used these recipes -

We had a Gingerbread house party at Misty's house which is always fun for the kiddo's! 

The week before Christmas was pretty crazy with Coins for Kids - begging, organizing, pre-shopping, wrapping, wal-mart shopping, and delivering. I had a great time participating on the Board again this year - man it's a LOT of work. Delivering this year was a lot of fun out in Hurricane - we decorated our sleigh, dressed up in costume and delivered to a few of the families! 

 (18 weeks pregnant)

We took the boys sledding up to Pine Valley Mountain and then headed to David's Aunt's cabin where we had a very yummy spaghetti dinner and a slice of banana cream pie! I didn't think that Luke would like the snow very much such he's such a finicky little boy but he LOVED IT! He loved walking in the snow, eating the snow and sitting in it. David took turns taking the boys down on the sled and when it was Cruz's turn Luke would run down the hill (without falling amazingly) chasing them wanting to join the fun! Once we thought they were cold enough we suggested we get in the truck and warm up but Luke pointed down the road and started walking - he walked and walked and walked while David followed us slowly in the truck. He seriously loved every second of being in the snow and waddling in his snow suit. I loved when he would fall over because his little bum would stick high in the air, his face smushed into the snow and lots of grunting while trying to get enough leverage to stand up! We took them to the lake to see the ice and Cruz thought it was so cool that the entire lake was ice - he watched David try and walk on it (failing and falling in) and wanted to try it too! 

Monday (22nd) evening we had a Christmas party with David's side of the family over at his brothers house! I was in charge of a "cream cheese" dessert so of course I opted for a Oreo crusted raspberry cheese cake from Smitten Kitchen which baked beautifully! Karen and Mary cooked the dinner (roast and potatoes) which was all good. We played white elephant and exchanged gifts to one another. C & L scored big with the gifts that they were given this year! Little L got a huge set of pretend food, lots of books & a remote control - C got a big monster truck, books and a few other small items! After the party David and I went back home and watched a RedBox and built little C's train table and glued all the pieces down so little brothers wouldn't steal the pieces anymore. I cannot wait to see his little face Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve night I was in charge of the dessert for my family party as well so I made Cinnamon Rolls & Cannoli Cream Puffs. Before heading to the party I snuck into my mom's house and placed her over flowing Christmas sock (which was incredibly hard to get my hands on) in the living room and her new PJ's on her bed. We had a great time at Misty's house where Ashley, Misty & I made soup, my mom brought her cheese rolls and Rachelle brought all of the drinks! It was all really really delicious and of course I ate WAY to much! Misty had a few games for the kids to play with which seemed to keep them interested and occupied while we played white elephant! That night we also went on a hay ride around the neighbor hood with the kids which was a big success! Each kid got a bell they could ring while we sang "Jingle Bells" over and over and over again ...
The gift exchange was also great - everyone got and received really good gifts this year! All the cousins had a great time playing together (like always) and us grown ups had a great time eating lots of yummy food and being together! After we left Misty's house we drove around for a while to show off the lit up Samurai and David's Santa costume and then headed home because it was very late.

 When we got home a very real looking older Santa stopped at our house asking if he could take a picture with our Samurai and chatted for a while with David. We asked if he would deliver our "Christmas PJ's" and he accepted happily. We went inside and hung out with the boys for 30 seconds before a knock came at the door - Cruz's eyes went big and in came a Jolly Ol' Saint Nick! He had bells that he was ringing and "Ho Ho Ho'ing" while C stood there with wide eyes! Santa explained that C & L were supposed to be asleep and he couldn't bring all the presents until they were sleeping! He sat down and then said if they would go to sleep right away he would let them have one present each! Cruz happily accepted and Santa began pulling gifts our of his Santa sack - it was very magical even for me as an adult - I don't think Santa could have looked any more authentic than this older Santa with a real beard, white gloves, very nice and soft suit, big belly, awesome bells and the Santa sack. We opened the gifts after Santa left which were our "Eve PJ's", left Santa a big cup of milk and 3 cookies. Cruz chose to put his stocking on the chair near the tree and went right to bed. David and I stayed awake watching Joy to the World and putting out gifts for the kids. 

Christmas morning was started with cuddling and reading about Jesus birth. It was such a great way to start the day and brought the spirit into our home. The boys didn't wake up until around 8:00 so we got to laze around in bed for a while until Cruz came in to get us! Cruz didn't want to see what Santa brought him - instead he wanted to know if Santa had left him any cookies from the ones he left out for him.  Santa brought C a train table and book with a stocking full of Cheetos, chocolate milk, fruit leather, apple sauce, a toy motorcycle, bubbles & a chocolate dump truck
Little L got a sand table filled with buckets, shovels, and micro machines and a stocking full of the same items as Cruz's.  Cruz's reaction as he walked into the living room was "I've been wondering about this train table" and stood there with a stunned face expression. Luke walked to his sand table and started playing and throwing the sand all over. It was hard to get Cruz to open the gifts from mom and dad and Luke didn't really know what was going on but they both loved the two gifts each that they got! David got spoiled this year with a garage heater, garage light, Blaze TV subscription and a inflatable hot tub! I got spoiled with new hiking shoes, hot curlers, silicon pie crust saver, nail polish, scratch able wall map, potato masher, earrings, new flashlight, and a few other odd and end cute items.  My mom came over a little after we were done cleaning up with gifts for the boys and a stocking full of yummy treats for all of us! It was such a fun, memorable happy day for us and I couldn't be more thankful for my little family. I'm truly grateful for Heavenly Father for sending Jesus down to earth to be the first gift on Christmas that he could teach us the right way to live and how to be happy - I've loved sharing these stories with Cruz this season and have loved seeing the understanding in his big brown eyes. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The hunt for the tree ..

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas tree hunting - I love being out in the snowy mountains hiking but when you have small toddlers its hard especially when it takes you hours to find the "right" tree! Last year we opted into the idea of hunting for a tree every other year and on the off years we buy a "perfect" tree at a lot or Costco!  
We ended up going down to Jacobs Lake in Arizona because we had heard that they had TONS of great trees! We stopped and hiked, and hiked and hiked some more a had little success so we drove, stopped and hiked some more - Eric and Annie were the first to find a tree, then Mary .... maybe i'm just overly picky but I really don't like the "Charly Brown" trees where you can see through the 6 branches on the trunk! I like my trees big, round and bushy! So we drove, stopped and hiked out into the forest - it didn't take long from there ... we did something naughty. We topped a really really tall tree out in the middle of a really thick dense forest . . . . .
We ate turkey, cranberry sandwiches and headed to the lodge to grab ourselves some "famous" cookies! They were awesome (I ate 3 but couldn't taste a single bite due to my head cold) ... ha ha.

 Later in the week we chopped and pruned the tree and decorated it with the boys - Luke didn't participate but Cruz had a good time hanging the ornaments! We had a special dinner that consisted of snowman pancakes with chocolate chip eyes and buttons, marshmallow snow and bacon scarves!