Sunday, September 21, 2014

We could do it you know - run away & live in the woods ...

Our September camping trip is my favorite time of year to camp! The entire mountain is all ours, the leaves are changing, the weather is crisp and smore's seem to taste yummier! We were able to spend 4 days up on Laberan this past week with all of the cousins! 
David had a fun tradition that he wanted to implement into camping this year and for the years to follow and it goes something like this ... We sat all of the cousins down and told them a big, detailed exciting story about the tiny woodland elves that live in the forest and watch humans from the tree tops. They all have small squeaky voices just like the squirrels and the hop from tree to tree, stone to stone, log to log. When they bounce small bits of glitter fall from there tiny shoes and that's how you follow them to the magical elf tree! All of the kids soaked up the story and asked all day when we could go find the elf tree! I sprinkled glitter along a path way so they could follow the trail to the elf tree! It was fun making up the story as we went saying "ohh there is a lot of glitter on that stump they must have been dancing in the rain" or "they must have been using that small fallen tree as a bridge". 

They finally found the elf tree decorated in Keebler cookies at the end! The little ones were all so excited wondering how the little elves made the cookies, where they were, if we could go on another hunt etc.

We went on a few four wheeler rides which the boys absolutely loved. Luke would start to smile when David would drive really fast, naughty David! One day David took Cruz down to the tree where we carved our names when we first got married and shortly added Cruz's name and now adding Luke's name!
Cruz: Is my name up there?
David: Yup, we carved Cruz
Cruz: But my name is dad!

 We took one of the four wheel rides to the bottom of the damn and walked up to the lake for some lunch! Cruz loved throwing rocks into the lake while eating on the shore.

 My mom was able to come up for the day which was a wonderful surprise!

 On our last day on the mountain it began to rain, like pour all day and all night long! It was cold, wet and pouring rain so we went for a drive, watched a movie and took pictures of the beautiful rainbows!

 While David and I were dating we took "jumping" pictures off of these exact rocks - 4 years later.

One morning I had a great idea to build a fort for all of the kids to play in! We woke up and ate breakfast, loaded up the kids and headed out in the truck to find lots of wood! We found a big pile of perfect branches and logs and loaded up the back of the truck thinking it would be enough. We had to go back 4 times.  The kids loved playing in it together, it was sturdy and safe and kept the rain out the entire weekend! Trenton and David built most of the fort, Misty helped and the kids helped haul branches.

 One afternoon we drove down to a lower lake and went crawdad hunting with Cruz, Mckinley, Wyatt and Luke! It was a warm day and the kids had a great time picking up the crawdads and dumping them into the buckets! Trenton and David had way to much fun casting the bacon into the water and waiting for the big ones to bite! Ashely and I took turn watching babies and join in on the fun and i'm pretty sure Ashely caught the biggest one!

 Later that evening we went back to camp, cooked up the crawdads, dipped them in butter and ate them! The kids had fun trying to eat them with the adults!

One of the nights we all piled in the back of Kyle's truck with lots of blankets and went spot lighting! We saw lots and deer, elk + an elk with a HUGE rack! It was so cold but so much fun to see the star lit sky and to see the excitement from the kids being piled in the back of the truck! This year's camping trip was amazing! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brian Head

David and I took our two little boys up to Brian Head to spend the night in a condo overlooking the newly changed beautiful yellow, red and orange leaves! Cruz saw a leaf spray painted pink and ended up looking for pink leaves on the trees almost the entire time. He didn't believe that it wasn't actually originally pink! The condo was a little outdated ... okay a lot outdated... he he. It was nice though with a full kitchen and dining room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, huge jetted red tub, fireplace in the living room, loft and a balcony! 

David and the boys took 2 bath's in a span of 10 hours which I think was the highlight of the entire trip for them! The tub was massive and bright red with lots of bubbles and mirrors all around the splash.

 We went to Aunt Annies convient store to grab a few snacks and cereal for breakfast the next morning! I finally decided it was time for Cruz to have a popsicle ... I can't deprive him forever, right? ha ha. We all shared the massive jolly ranch which was quite tasty and Luke seemed to enjoy licking it but HATED biting it - he would make a lemon sour lips :)

 We went on a beautiful hike down to a small secluded stream while teaching Cruz about bears and the changing of the leaves! The leaves were brilliant in color, lots of yellow flowers and moss on every rock! Cruz ran most the way, pretending a bear was chasing him while Luke lazily sat in the backpack enjoying the ride once again.

David dropped off at the new park that Brian Head built while he picked up our delicious flat crust supreme pizza and salad! Yummy! While David was away Cruz was having a hard time listening to me when I told him not to throw the rocks or i'd have to beat his bum ... he threw rocks one to many times and cut open Luke's eye which came with a swollen bruise. Needless to say he missed out on his favorite food - Pizza - and ate cucumbers for dinner. he he. 
 After dinner we headed to the Condo's pool which turned out to be a VERY hot and deep hot tub which we also later found out that the kids were absolutely not supposed to use ... oops..