Monday, March 2, 2015


For my birthday this year we celebrated by spending the entire day together while Grandma Clay babysat the kids. We did lots and lots of shopping that day to start replacing every day items like church clothes, lotion, make up and shoes. David took me to the Cliff Side Restaurant on the old Airport Hill here in St. George which turned out to be wonderful! Everyone was dressed in very nice clothes the ambiance was quiet and romantic and we come stumbling in wearing t-shirts and tennis shoes and starving. The food was all amazing and we even had dessert before dinner which was even better! After dinner we went to our hotel room (Red Cross provided us with a room) where David had his parents decorate with over 50 red roses, sparkling cider, birthday presents and a very comfortable bed! It was an interesting, frustrating, exciting, quiet birthday but it was my birthday and I loved it. 
The next day we celebrated our birthday with family at my mom's house for spaghetti and cake.
Happy Birthday Trenton and Timothy - so glad I get to celebrate my birthday with you

Homeless & blessed

Who would ever think to title the next blog post - homeless. I didn't.

The last couple of days have been so incredibly over welling that I haven't had a spare moment to sit down and write it all out - until now.

Wednesday February 25th David and I were at home enjoying the beautiful warm day - I was in the office taking advantage of quiet time while the boys were sleeping and David was outside working in the garage trying to finish up the last couple projects on his pre-runner. I heard David outside the office window making lots of noise unraveling the water hose and I thought to my self "Man, he's making a lot of noise and is going to wake up Cruz". A minute or so passes and I hear David yell "Tia, hurry come out here"! I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was scared and I braced myself to see his arm chopped off and lots of blood. I ran out of the house as quickly as my pregnant belly would allow to see David standing in front of the garage desperately spraying flames. The fire had started while he was welding. He asked me to grab the kids, call 911 and to grab the hose to keep spraying the fire - I picked the most important demand and ran back inside to grab the sleeping half naked boys and my phone. I dropped them off on the corner of the grass farthest away from the fire and dialed 911 while trying to spray out the fire. The dispatcher asked if my situation was an emergency and I un politely told her my house was on fire and to send help right away - she asked me so many questions but my head was buzzing that I couldn't tell you how the conversation went until she asked me for my home address. I couldn't give it to her. I couldn't concentrate long enough to tell her my address and I kept getting it wrong. It was becoming obvious that my low pressured garden hose wasn't doing anything with our current situation so I set it down and was finally able to give her my address. The boys were screaming and crying in the back ground - they were groggy, confused and scared. A neighbor ran up the street and asked what she could do and I'm pretty sure I threw the boys at her and she ran off to keep them inside so they didn't have to see the house burn down. I felt so much better knowing my children were in good hands and safe.

I saw David running out of the house carrying our computer with all of our family pictures and everything we needed for our business and a small safe that had a few of our things and put them into our truck that was parked across the street. The garage was now fully engulfed in flames and dark black smoke was billowing out of the garage. David ran to the side of the house closest to the garage to move the Samurai that we had just sold days before - he then tried to move the car but the flames were already touching the hood and it was way to hot - I ran to our next door neighbors house and told her to move her vehicle and get our of the house! David and I stood in the middle of the road and watched our house burn. The garage started to explode - David had propane tanks, kerosene tanks, welder, air tank etc in the garage. He wanted to run back inside to grab more items but with the explosions in the garage and the fierceness of the fire I wouldn't let him. By this time we had neighbors surrounding us asking a million questions and sympathizing with us. Ambulances, rescue vehicles, fire vehicles and police officers started responding to the scene but no fire trucks. I felt frustrated that 10 minutes had passed and I had to stand there and watch my house quickly burn and there was nothing I could do about it. I later found out that they were on a different call. When they finally arrived they started spraying our neighbors house to prevent it from burning down as well and then started on our house. We had fire trucks on the front and the back of the house as well as the construction vehicles that had hooked up to water and was helping out.

We had so much support from our neighbors, ward members, complete strangers and family - they helped dress the boys, feed them, found shoes for me sense I was barefoot and helped comfort us. I called my mom and said "Hey, can you come pick up the boys" she said "Why?" and I told her "our house is burning down right now". She didn't believe me and joked a bit until she heard on of the firemen in the back ground asking me questions about the fire. 20 minutes later I see her running down the center of the road franticly asking where her daughter was. Silly mom. My brothers showed up in the early stages of the fire and my sister Rachelle. David's brother showed up along with his wife and kids who brought us clothes. We had so much support but I felt so lonely and shocked - I didn't feel much emotion that day and tried joking to make myself and everyone else feel less pity. "Well I didn't really like those counter tops" or "Now David doesn't have to fix that window".

David and I didn't see much of each other due to people needing our attention in so many different places. David worked with Red Cross to help us get assistance -  and worked with family readiness to help with assistance as well. I talked to restoration and clean up companies, firemen, neighbors and new paper reporters.
During the whole ordeal I got a few minutes to myself to stand in the road to watch my house and see the firemen break out the windows in the front of the house - I could see through all the rubble, smoke and flames our Christ picture in the hall way untouched by the flames. This was the only time that day that I cried - I felt so comforted knowing that the most important things were saved and I felt so incredibly blessed that my family was safe that we were feeling so much love from the community and that everything would be okay. This horrible situation turned out the very best that It could have.

After the flames had been put out the firemen started bring items out of the house that made it through (which was more than I thought) all of it had smoke and water damage so it wasn't salvageable except a few small items. There were over 20 firemen that day fighting our fire, taking items out of our house and doing everything they could do for us. There was a woman firefighter that was so careful with some of our things and handed them directly to us rather than piling them on the tarp out front.

Rachelle had taken the boys to her house to be bathed and fed which was wonderful! Later that night we started our way back to my mom's house where we decided to stay sense she has a unused furnished basement. I couldn't believe that they only items that I owned where the items I was wearing - that's it - I didn't have make up, or underwear or even a pillow to my name! We ran to target, smoke covered and looking like bums to pick up a few emergency items (toothbrushes, underwear, PJs, cereal etc). David I didn't talk much on the car ride but he did mention how thankful he was that all of his Africa mission treasures, decor, photos and journal books were saved from the fire - a few days before I had packed up all of his Africa items from his office and taken them to our rental house in St. George so I could start getting the room ready for the baby. We have seen Gods hand before the fire, during and after the fire and are so grateful.

The days following the fire were filled with phone calls, shopping, inventory lists and answering way to many questions! We had donations pouring in from kid clothing, maternity clothing, gift cards, money, letters, toys, books etc - what an amazing community we live in!

When we went to inventory our items to see what was salvageable it was hard - hard seeing all of our items laid out on tables or stacked in the corner. I saw our wedding canvas dirty and smoky, my favorite TV stand that was half burnt and broken, my temple clothing, family photos and hundreds of children books all ruined. We were able to pull out 10 items to see if they could clean or fix. Our Christ picture, our St. George temple, David's backpack, boy's blessing clothes, our temple clothing, kitchen utensil holder, kids baby blankets, my grandfathers mountain painting, our fire proof safe that contained our wedding certificate, birth certificates, social security cards and baby journals, and all of our untouched stinky clothes. During the fire our bookshelf in the living room had fallen over and saved all of my scrapbooks dating back to our dating days. They were wet and ruined but the writing inside the books was all readable so I could remake the books.

It's going to be a long road - having to accumulate everything over again, living away from home, demolition, re-build and bringing another baby into our lives. Everything was insured (home and car) so the insurance will be taking care of everything thankfully! Our brand new camp trailer that we bought days before wasn't covered by insurance nor the items inside which is a huge bummer. We have gotten the statement so many times "At least you get to go out and by all brand new stuff" and I hate it. I don't want new stuff - I don't want to start from ground zero - I want all of my belongings that I have been accumulating over the last 10 years at garage sales, estate sales, from our travels, treasured items that have been handed down to me and children items. I hate walking into Target now knowing I need to buy a new skirt for church when I had 5 at home that I loved or that I need to buy new hand soap when I had 2 new ones in my kitchen cupboard. It sounds petty but it's been hard. Our neighbors homes were damaged - the home on the left had water damage in the kitchen and some of the siding was melted and the neighbor on the right had damages over $50,000 which I feel horrible about.

David's garage 
 Guest bathroom
 Luke's bedroom
 Hall way leading into our bedroom
back of the house
 front of the house
 front door 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow day

What a fun morning to wake up to a "Snow day" - Both of the boys loved watching the snow through the bedroom window and building a snow man with David in the back yard! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Brian Head, UT.

David and I wanted to take the boys up to Brian Head before the "Season" came to an end and before I got any more pregnant!

We had a one bedroom loft condo in Chalet Village Condo complex which was nicer than the other condo we stayed in over the summer! The condo came with a small kitchen, fireplace, two bathrooms, king size room with a bunk bed loft for the boys! We unpacked and thought the boys would have a good time sledding before dinner - nope. Luke needed a nap and Cruz was extra winey so we went back to the condo and hung out / napped until we went to dinner at Giant Steps Lodge for the $5 spaghetti dinner plate special! The boys were in heaven eating giant meatballs, slurping up the noodles and eating the thick piece of garlic bread! We hung out around the fire pits at the bottom of the lift to warm up before heading over to The Grand Lodge for dessert at the Lift Bar and Grill and to sit around the outside balcony fire pit. We ordered a slice of cheesecake with raspberry sauce and shared with the boys (it was gone in less than 30 seconds, seriously). We went back to the condo and watched a few minutes of Jurassic Park with the boys (which they loved) and then put them straight to bed so we could watch a movie by ourselves - I fell asleep instantly unfortunately but David said the movie was good.

 The next morning we woke up and I cooked a big bacon, hash brown, orange juice, egg breakfast and then we headed down to Yankee Meadow to do some more sledding with the boys! I dropped David on the side of the road with the littles and he sled down the big gradual hill. We did this 4-5 times and then headed home. It was such a short trip but was fun seeing and playing in the snow one last time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's been quite a week already! I had my 26 week appointment and had a few concerns that I wanted to talk to the doctor about. It's normal to have a couple of contractions every day but I've been having 30+ every single day and a few other things ... 
They were concered and took some tests to see if I had an infection (I didn't) so they thought for sure I was in "Pre-Term" labor (which obviously isn't a good thing this early) so they sent some lab work in to find out and gave me a steriod shot in my bum to help develop the baby's lungs quickly (which hurt really bad) and I had to go in the next day to get another shot (ouch). They also prescribed me some medication to help slow down my contractions. I am dialted to a 2 and 50% Effaced. I feel like all the uncomfortable weird symptoms that come on around 35 weeks are here and just as uncomfortable and painful! Ugh pregnancy. ha The baby has a strong heart beat and is constantly kicking so he's doing A'OK! 

Total weight gain - Gained a total of 12 pounds so far! Eek! So embarrassing to admit. 
Maternity clothes - Of course - they are a must
Stretch marks - No fresh ones to report. I have a great deal of old ones from last pregnancy.
Sleep - Like a rock
Miss anything - I miss being able to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I ran two miles and eating chocolate without getting heart burn
Movement - lots
Food cravings - Fresh fruit, dark chocolate, milk
Anything making you queasy or sick - Thai food, curry type of food, anything greasy 
Gender - Male
Labor signs - Yup 
Belly button in or out - In
Happy or moody most of the time - Agitated 
Looking forward to - My birthday:D