Thursday, January 21, 2016


4 bright white teeth 
2 stomach flu's
size 3/4 diaper
9-12 month clothing

Gets up on his knees and rocks
and also up onto his toes 
loves any sort of light
loves sticking his tongue out

constantly has his index finger in his mouth
pants really fast when he's excited
and wiggles his hands 

loves being talked to 
scoots on his belly everywhere he needs to go
sleeps with a sound machine
and humidifier 

eats 8oz 4 times a day
+ 3 food feedings
& 2 naps daily

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I have been wanting to take a vacation where the snow was thick and the only thing that was offered was winter sports so we took the opportunity to turn this trip into a business and snow vacation! David works with a company in Canada called Text Anywhere which provides GPS tracking units for the race trucks during the races in Mexico when internet and phone service is normally not available. 
We thought it would be fun to take Cruz with us and let him experience one on one time with us. He woke up around 3:30am to get ready and head down to Vegas to catch our flight which left at 6:30am. When we woke up Cruz to get him into the car he was groggy but so excited and had a hard time falling back asleep on the drive down to Vegas! Cruz was so excited to hand his passport and ticket over to the TSA workers and asked them all way to many questions. He loved walking down the ramp into the airplane and sat down in first class - sorry little buddy we are at the back of the airplane! We found our seats and he sat and looked out the window the entire time asking lots of questions! When we took off he yelled "I thought I wouldn't like this but i LOVE IT!" he was seriously so excited! After take off he found the pamphlet that shows what to do if you crash over water or on land and his little eyes were concerned as he looked through it. We had a layover in Seattle and then walked out onto the tar mat to get onto the next flight which was on an airplane that i've never been on which was cool! He was able to climb the stairs himself which he thought was pretty dang cool.

As we were flying into Kelowna all we could see was white rolling hills, a large body of water and ice skaters! We checked into the hotel and the lady at the front desks asks for David's credit card and ID. She then says in a cheerful voice, "Welcome, you're the guest of the day!" We think, huh, that's ad odd thing to say to all the guests. So we're standing there and we look off to our right and low and behold on the counter in a frame it says David Clay - Guest of the day! We were like, wooo you weren't kidding! We had a fruit and pastry basket waiting in our room. Odd. 
We had a pretty cool room that had a loft with a second room which was nice having Cruz with us! We drove around Kelowna and met the Text Anywhere guys the first day. We ate at a hole in the wall pizza place called Dunnenzies Pizza Co. The pizza slices were massive and really good! Later that night we went to dinner with the guys from ROM and I wasn't feeling very well but thought I would just grab a salad. When they brought the food out I knew I was going to throw up so I ran to the bathroom and realized I had the flu for the third time THIS MONTH! I grabbed Cruz sense it was past his bedtime and headed back to the hotel while David stayed back and finished the meeting. I was sick. Like all night sick. almost to the point of having David take me to the hospital sick. It was a long night. 
I woke up the next morning still feeling pretty sick so we weren't able to go Skiing like originally planned which was a pretty big bummer - we hung out around town most of the day and took a drive down south. We had dinner at Neils house that evening which was delicious and his home was spectacular! 

We woke up early Saturday morning and headed up to Big White Ski Resort to go Dog Sledding! It has been on my bucket list sense I can remember so I was really excited to go and experience it with Cruz! It was a little hard to find and by the time we found it my feet were freezing (due to the bath decisions of snow boots). The guy who took us on the ride was very kind and introduced his dogs to us. The dogs were all very excited and loved the attention that Cruz offered them! It was snowing pretty hard the entire ride which was kind of fun! The ride was about 4 miles long and lasted 30 minutes which I left was long enough. The dogs had to stop several times to rest but man did they cruise! One of the dogs was completely blind but did a great job! Nearing the end of the ride Cruz was able to get out and drive the team which brought a lot of giggling. I was also able to help drive the team which was a lot more fun then sitting in the sled! We had goggles on which helped keep the flying snow out of our eyes but made it hard to see the beautiful scenery! It felt like we were in the north pole! 

We rode the Gondola several times up and down the mountain to either eat food, grab souvenirs, get tickets or rent equipment! Cruz loved jumping in and out of it when we got to the plat form and loved the noise of the cables. After dog sledding we went tubbing! It was convenient to have our tickets in our pockets and to just walk past the scanner without having to fumble with it every time we went up the hill. It was also really nice that we were able to jump on to the belt and ride to the top of the mountain instead of climbing through the snow! I was really nervous taking Cruz down for the first time because he had to be in his own tube and the hill was really really steep! We went down together almost every time and I might have peed my pants a little bit the first time! Cruz wasn't scared at all and asked to go back down over and over which was great! We spent most of the day tubbing and drinking lots and lots of Hot Chocolate! Once it got dark and this little boy wasn't able to stop crying from being cold and tired we headed back down into town for some food and swimming at the hotel! We were supposed to go Ice Skating but he was beyond grumpy. We stopped and got treats at Sandrine French Pastry which was super expensive but understandably. We ordered room service for dinner that night.

The next morning we woke up, packed up our room and headed to The Bread Co. for a pastry before we headed back up the mountain. Every thing we got was really really good and held us over for our Brunch Sleigh Ride! When we got onto the sleigh the snow was coming down thick - the ride was 30 minutes to the cabin in the woods where we had breakfast. The cabin was cozy, the food was terrible and the company was great! Cruz was able to help lead the horses through the snow which he loved and the trees covered in snow was amazing - the limbs of the trees were so heavy from the snow that they looked like long skinny trees! 

David wanted to climb an ice wall while we were in Canada so he had the opportunity to do it! He did a lot better then I thought he would do but he cruised right up! On the way up I guess a big chunk of ice came loose from the wall and hit him in the face causing him to bleed a bit but he was super tough. We headed back down the mountain to eat at Chutney (Indian food) at grab some bread from the Bread Company before heading to the small airport! It really was a great trip and we had a great time spoiling Cruz on the trip! I'm grateful for Mary and Grandma Clay for coming down from Salt Lake to watch for the two other boys and taking good care of them!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The month of December

The first of the month started another month of remodeling in the house we are currently living in and one of our rental homes. Before we bought this house the previous owners tore down an entire wall in the kitchen along with all of the cabinets and left us with one small spice cabinet next to the oven and a small cupboard where we tried storing our plates, cups and mugs. We had a blank wall next to the fridge and I had seen a few ideas online that I liked and we decided to add a built in pantry cabinet there. Cruz was in the middle of construction and loved helping open up the wall! 

Early in the month we drove up to Salt Lake for a weekend of Guard and to stay at Aunt Mary's new house! The house was big, spacious and cozy which was really nice! We went to a mall and as we were walking around Cruz spotted Santa and started screaming "Santa Santa" so we obviously had to pay the crazy price to get a picture with Santa! Cruz was so excited to tell him what he wanted for Christmas and wanted to know if he could get some candy! Santa read a little book to the boys which they all loved.

We also went to a "Train Store" located on State Street in Salt Lake sense Cruz has a slight obsession with anything Train. The store sold every single type of train brand, size, color, parts, village pieces and accessories! It was actually really cool! We went to the back of the store where we found a huge train amusement area! You could pay $1 to ride a mini tree, put .25 into little slot machines to start train scenes and little village houses to host parties! 

We had dinner with Amy and Adam Tweede at Cubby's (I've been wanting to try this place for a while now) and let our little ones play! The food was really good and the company even better!

We went out to Kearns to see the drive through light show which turned out to be really cool and really expensive ($25 per car). The lights went along with music and lasted a total of 30 minutes which was perfect! Luke sat on my lap and stared out the window in silence and huge eyes!

The middle of the month started demolition at one of our rentals and the boys were there off and on helping out as they could - picking up trash, washing walls, picking up nails etc. We had Grandma Clay and Grandma Talbot babysit more often then not and couldn't have finished the projects without them! Thank you thank you!
I am on the Relief Society planning committee and helped plan the Christmas party for the ladies! We had a VERY small budget so we got creative with food and decorations but it all turned out beautiful and yummy!

One night we took the boys out to Tuachan to see the live Nativity! I hope to never miss seeing this Nativity each Christmas because it brings the true spirit of Christmas into our home! Upon seeing Santa before going to our seats Cruz was jumping with joy so we went over before the line for santa got to long and visited him. We obviously purchased the cinnamon roasted cashews and hot chocolate and let them boys chow down on them! We saw Eric and Annie (David's brother) so sat with them and let the cousins play together! After the nativity we took the tram around the parking lot before heading home for the night!

I was more of a part of Coins for Kids this year then I have in the previous years which was a lot of fun! David and I are now in charge of the Application Center for the program, Pre-shopping and toy organization! I talked David into helping me out at Smiths one weekend to beg for Coins. It was really really cold and the wind was terrible but I'm glad we were able to participate!

My mom and I were able to shop for a family of 14 a few days before the official shopping day which was a huge shopping trip! We had three carts full of toys and clothes and had a big running total! It took us a full 5 hours of shopping to find everything for the family! EEK!
The week of Pre-Shopping and toy organization I brought Cruz with me to help out! He LOVED being there with me, making new friends and seeing all of the cool toys! He was bossing everyone around telling them what to do and where to put the toys - he takes after his momma. 

Jace loved the Christmas tree this year, chewing on the gifts, reaching for the ornaments and trying to eat the pine needles that fell onto the floor

The boys insisted on sleeping near the Christmas tree so they pretended to sleep for a couple of hours before I had to send them to there beds.
One activity that our Kindness Elf Tinsel asked us to do was make sugar cookies for our amazing neighbors so I let them help me cut the dough out into Christmas shapes, ice them and apply gobs and gobs of sprinkles! They had a good time!

We chose a family that lives close to us to do the 12 days of Christmas for and the boys thought it was hilarious to see us drop the gift, ring the door bell and run. David may or may not have gotten kind of caught. This particular night Luke refused to wear pants so we let him go pantless that night.
I love the night that all of the cousins get together and decorate ginger bread houses and sneaky candy while we are pretending not to watch! Cruz broke his roof in three times, Luke covered his house in TONS of candy and Cruz lost interest when he heard the Christmas Train blow it's horn.

Kalin flew in for Christmas as a surprise to my mom and surprised her by dressing up as a Bum walked up to the back windows pounding on the windows trying to get in. She laughed and didn't take the situation serious and screamed when she recognized the face of the bum. It was really funny.
A couple days before Christmas we took a drive up to Pine Valley to go sledding and were disappointed to find that the roads had been closed so we went and found a neighborhood to pull the sled behind the Pilot instead! It really was a great time and the boys were awesome! The rode the sled together, alone and with one of us and laughed the entire time! It was seriously so fun! Afterward we went to visit Aunt Susan at her Cabin in Pine Valley and drank some delicious hot chocolate to warm up!